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  • Simon Poole has created a JOSM background layer based on Open Data from the Canton of Berne to help with mapping addresses.
  • Martin Koppenhoefer opened a long-lasting discussion on the quirks of the current MAPS.ME edition and the consequent influx of new data into OSM.
  • Fredy Rivera visited the "Cerro Machín", a very dangerous (because of its size and its position) assessed stratovolcano in Columbia with the habitants of the area to capture necessary data in OSM which can be helpful in case of an outbreak. (автоматический перевод)
  • Martin Koppenhoefer asks if or how detailed 3D information should be in the OpenStreetMap database as he has serious problems giving complex 3D buildings regular tags.
  • Pascal Neis reran his evaluation of "unmapped places" in OpenStreetMap on a current planet dump.
  • The talk mailing list discussed about the tagging proposal process in relation to water, classification issues and tag usage.
  • Amauri discusses how the needs of trekkers and bikers are not met on the Mapnik map at wide zoom levels. He begins discussion on a tagging based solution.
  • Daniel Koć discussed on the tagging list schemes for a laundromats and parcel boxes.
  • Despite the withdrawal of the proposal for highway=social_path, the discussion continues on the Tagging mailing list. Simon Poole considers it to be one of the most bewildering threads he has ever seen on tagging.
  • Want to help mapping for the Rio Olympics? There is a new task on OSM Columbia.


Фонд OpenStreetMap

  • Brogo contrasts (German) (автоматический перевод) income, donations and budgets of OSM based projects to show how little funding the core OpenStreetMap-Foundation receives.


  • User Ikiya reported on the Shirakawa (Fukushima, Japan) mapping party (Japanese) (автоматический перевод) and the progress achieved as a result.

Гуманитарный OSM

  • Presenters for 30 minute sessions or 5 minute lightning talks are sought for the HOT Summit on September 22 in Brussels. The theme of the Summit is "OpenStreetMap, the Global HOT Community, and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals." Submission deadline is June 30.
  • A new project for disaster prevention is seeking funding, to create a mobile unit for the communal generation of free geographical information. Fredy Rivera is seeking 21,500,000 Columbian Pesos (about $7500 USD) with a pilot project of the Cerro Machin Volcano. More details.


  • Gerald Ainomugisha reports in the Australian anthill about Jack Gonzales, the founder of the startup MapJam. Mapjam is priced below Google Maps for application developers wanting vector maps and uses OSM as a data source.
  • The Speichenkarte (Deutsch) (автоматический перевод) which provides OSM Garmin maps for European cyclists has received a lot of improvements: contours, improved routing, Cobblestone, sac_scale, etc in its June 8 release.
  • User Escada is writing about his use cases of the online thematic map service MapContrib. A summary of new features of MapContrib version 0.8.0 has also been posted by developer Frederic.


  • The province of Nord Brabant in the Netherlands is using OpenStreetmap for the base map in its "Natuurpoorten" website (Dutch) (автоматический перевод). The site gives information about cycling and hiking activities in the province.

Открытые данные

  • Stefan Kaufmann is building a machine readable map of German public transport authorities on Github and tweets (German) seeking pull requests with GTFS data etc.
  • OpenEventDatabase has published an open API for collecting events with geographic and temporal data (what, where, when).


  • The Belgian Parliament has legislated the introduction of freedom of panorama. (Dutch) (автоматический перевод) The law will come into force ten days after the publication in the Official Gazette. There are also discussions in English on the talk-be the mailing list.

Программное обеспечение

  • Marble 1.14.1 is now also available for Windows with almost as many features as the Linux version.
  • William Temperley reports about his progress to import the OSM planet in Hadoop and seeks input from others using "big data" tools on OSM.


Algolia Places is a new JavaScript library allowing address autocompletion on a html <input> field using OpenStreetMap.

  • Some Redittors had a discussion about browser bookmarklets to jump from a Google map to the same location on OpenStreetMap.
  • Michael Zangl, who's in the progress of cleaning up the JOSM core, wrote a summary about the progress of the first half of his GSoC project.
  • Anandthakker experimented with convolutional neural networks to extract details in satellite images using OSM as training data and shows the results. (Via @anandthakker)


Программа Версия Дата релиза Комментарии
Mapillary Android 2.24 2016-06-15 Some extensions and some bug fixes
Cruiser for Android 1.4.7 2016-06-16 Some updates
Cruiser for Desktop 1.2.6 2016-06-16
OSRM Backend 5.2.3 2016-06-17 Bugfix
Komoot iOS 8.1 2016-06-18
Komoot Android var 2016-06-19

А вы знаете …

  • ... the Floating Piers from the artist Christo in OSM at Monte Isola. If you want to visit the installation, hurry up because after the 3rd of July the work will be dismantled and disappear from OSM as well. If you can't travel, there is a video and a webcam.
  • The German artist and mapper, Max Newport has an installation exploring government censorship on South Korean maps, in particular golf courses.

Другие “гео” события

  • La Nacion from Argentina reported (Spanish) (автоматический перевод) that the now newly opened huge Panama Canal expansion (OSM1) and (OSM2) comes at the worst possible time for the shipping trade.
  • Krithika Vavagur reports in the Huffington Post on the mapping of the slums of Mathare, Nairobi. Google Maps has blank areas but OSM has detail which acts as an enabler for services to be delivered to residents. The Kenyan social enterprise SpatialCollective is mapping slum areas with the help of local young people.
  • What happens when right-hand drive needs to change to left-hand traffic and vice-versa? This ;-) (And yes it's mapped on OSM)
  • Heise online (German) (автоматический перевод) reports on the measure of success that retailers are having with Facebook's "local awareness" advertising. Users with smartphones are displayed advertisements of nearby businesses with sources claiming up to 12% of users visited the nearby business within a week of seeing the advertisement.
  • AccessNow are trying to crowd-source mapping of handicapped accessible bars, restaurants and shops but the functionality seems not as good as For displaying the POIs they use Google Maps.

Предстоящие события

Где Что Когда Страна
Nottingham Nottingham 21/06/2016 united kingdom
Barcelona Ajuda a millorar la cartografia de l'Equador - 2a edició 22/06/2016 spain
Rapperswil Swiss PG Day 2016 24/06/2016 switzerland
Sliač Mapping párty Sliač 25/06/2016 slovakia
Colorado Saturday Mapternoon, Evergreen 25/06/2016 united states
California Import Party, Los Angeles 25/06/2016 united states
Rio de Janeiro Rio Olympics Mapping 25/06/2016-26/06/2016 brazil
Kyoto 京都世界遺産マッピングパーティ:最終回 天龍寺 25/06/2016 japan
Montpellier Rencontre mensuelle 29/06/2016 france
Antwerp Missing Maps @ IPIS 29/06/2016 belgium
Valencia Taller HOT UPV 2016 29/06/2016 spain
Bengaluru OSM Hack Weekend in Mapbox 02/07/2016-03/07/2016 india
Shizuoka OpenStreetMapワークショップ in 日本平 (Nihondaira) 02/07/2016 japan
Salzburg OSM-Sonntag 03/07/2016 austria
Salzburg FOSSGIS 2016 04/07/2016-06/07/2016 austria
Salzburg AGIT 2016 06/07/2016-08/07/2016 austria
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