Radwegenetz in Luxemburg

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About me

First I'm interested in mapping the cycle ways/routes in Luxembourg. In addition I map Luxembourg City areas like Belair, Merl and other. I use mostly Garmin GPSMap 60CSx, sometimes Garmin GPSMap 296 (car routing). I use OSM Cycling Maps on my Garmn device, below you find more details about getting useful maps out of OSM for cycling and routing.

Benefit of Cycling Maps out of OSM

The enormous benefit of the OSM is the chance to have very detailed, very correct and very current maps. The community seems to be much faster making updates than the administration. - After the first activities during the last two or three years to get all the data INTO this huge data pool, we are now at the point, that we want to have useful maps OUT of OpenStreetMap. These can be printed maps to take it on tour or - even better: digital maps which we can install on our navigation devices. Making those maps for Garmin devices is well explained on various OSM Wiki pages, I'll post some links later on.

There are some projetcs on OSM to render cycle routes, at the moment I have the focus on OpenFietsMap, a bicycle map for the Benelux countries . The relation tags are nicely rendered and the guy behind the project is updating the map quite often. As an additional benefit for Garmin users he offers an installable .exe file to put the map into "MapSource" or "BaseCamp". That works fast and fine.

There are other projects too, for example OpenCycleMap and Hike & Bike Map.

The process of buildung Garmin maps are explained here: [1]

Tagging of Cycle ways

Examples of other countries

Generally I suggest to stick to the general tagging rules explained here: [2].

You can find lots of information in German on the German OSM Cycle Portal.

Proposal for Luxembourg


Designated Cycleways



Definition of Relations

National Cycle Network (Pistes Cyclables)

We map all routes as relations with following tagging (example: PC 8).

Tag Explanation
type=route Type of relation
route=bicycle Tag route as cycling route
network=ncn Tag as National Cycle Network (ncn)
ref=PC 8 Abbreviation of route
ncn_ref=8 Number of route (only digits), useful for some renderers
name=Piste Cyclable De La Terre Rouge (PC 8) Official name of route and abbreviation

Regional Cycle Network

In a second step, the regional cycle routes will be tagged (network=rcn).

Quality check

Routing on Cycle maps