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Rendering Waddington

Rendercontrol is a Perl/TK graphical user interface to Osmarender

Running the program

You will need:

  • Perl itself
  • perl-tk
  • LWP (for downloading files from the web)
  • Some command-line programs listed below, to do the actual work (inkscape, xmlstarlet, imagemagick)


Run the program


Initialisation stage

The program will ask a series of questions, and use your answers to create a configuration file. You can just press Enter instead of answering, then edit the config file later if you prefer.

  • whether it has permission to connect to the net (at the moment, it will exit if you don't type Y, yes, or similar)
  • OpenStreetMap username and password (used to download OSM data)
  • Location of certain files (it will look for these in some common locations, or ask you for a filename if it can't find them)
    • Inkscape
    • XmlStarlet
    • ImageMagick
    • JOSM bookmarks file

Once questions are answered, it will download the latest copy of osmarender from the OpenStreetMap SVN site

Basic usage

  • Use the File/Bookmarks menu to select a location (by default this is downloaded from OJW/Bookmarks, but you can copy your JOSM bookmark file here).
  • Alternatively, type the coordinates into edit boxes (S,N,W,E in degrees)
  • Press download button. If you have a valid OSM password, it will download the area and store it as data.osm
  • Press render button. If you have xmlstarlet, inkscape, and ImageMagick installed, it will
    • render data.osm into output.svg
    • rasterise output.svg into output.png
    • convert output.png into output.jpg and output.gif (GIF format is required for the TK image control)
    • display the rendered output.gif in the main window


  • Save project creates a sub directory and stores all your working files (data.osm output.svg, etc.) in there
  • Load project copies a set of files from a project directory into the working area

That means you can work on renders of several areas without having to download new data each time.

Other features

  • View menu lets you look at the various files in use
    • OSM data - displays raw OSM XML data
    • Osmarender - displays osmarender source code
    • SVG - displays SVG source code of the rendered map
    • Image - displays the output image
  • Update menu
    • Download from web downloads the latest version of osmarender
    • Reload options reloads the rendercontrol's options file

Future work

  • GUI improvements
  • Graphical editor for rendering rules (e.g. road colours, visibility) - that's when the TODO buttons in the screenshot will become style editor widgets
  • Support for more types of tools (e.g. other XSLT tools, other SVG renderers, other OSM rendering tools)
  • Ability to edit the various textfiles from within the GUI (like an OSM IDE)
  • More TLA's in the OSM XML GUI IDE SVN documentation ;)

Other ideas

  • How about making a "render this area" menu in JOSM?
  • Can we make the shared bookmarks file better (e.g. organise it by area, add everyone else's JOSM bookmarks)