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Reykjavík, Iceland

latitude: 64.1458, longitude: -21.8955
Browse map of Reykjavík 64°08′44.88″ N, 21°53′43.80″ W
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Reykjavík is a city in Iceland at latitude 64°08′44.88″ North, longitude 21°53′43.80″ West.

Map of Reykjavík


Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland and the primary city around which others cities and towns in the capital region (Höfuðborgarsvæðið) cluster.


For a list of specific areas which need more work, see the TODO list for Reykjavík in the WikiProject Iceland article.

Points of interest

Points of interest such as stores and other services are mostly unmapped and require major work. The most complete area in this respect is downtown Reykjavík which has most of the pubs and some restaurants marked. Building outlines are almost completely missing except for some prominent landmarks.

Traffic grid

As of september 2008 the road network is well underway although major parts of some of the residential suburbs are still missing. Other highway features such as cycleways footways have only recently been added at all and still require major work.

Minor features of the traffic grid such as parking lots, service ways to/from gas stations and other similar features are still mostly uncovered.

The public bus transit network hasn't been mapped out at all, some of the bus stations and bus stops are there but the appropriate relations haven't been added.

Street names, and oneway status, but see Street without names in the place box for current status

Strætó bs. bus network

The list of bus routes by Strætó have been moved to WikiProject_Iceland/Public Transport


Suburb tagging

Some suburbs still need to be tagged on the map, e.g.:

Sub-suburbs then need to be tagged within that area: