Rochester, New York

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Rochester, New York
latitude: 43.15621, longitude: -77.61044
Browse map of Rochester 43°09′22.36″ N, 77°36′37.58″ W
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Rochester is a City in New York at latitude 43°09′22.36″ North, longitude 77°36′37.58″ West.

This page refers to the city in New York. For other uses, see Rochester (disambiguation).


Richard Weait introduced OSM to the Linux User Group of Rochester during their regular monthly meeting, April 16th, 2009, at RIT. Previously, he had visited Barnaby Bienkowski in Rochester to do some mapping, and several LUGOR participants had attended an OSM presentation at the 2008 Ontario Linux Fest.

Progress Mapping Rochester


As of DATE - 20090427 TIGER data is available for most streets and highways in Rochester.


As of DATE -


As of DATE - 20090427 User:Deejoe uploaded edits of and a trace made on 20090426 of the footpaths in the northeastern-most section of Highland Park, correcting a significant error in the TIGR data for the path of Pinetum Rd.

Still Needed:

Rochester and the broader region still can use significant work.


Many ponds and waterways are missing from OSM, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Ponds near Braddock Bay
    • Long Pond
    • Cranberry Pond
    • Long Pond
    • Buck Pond
  • Many small creeks and ponds