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RocketData is a service that helps business owners add correct info about their businesses to maps and navigation software, social networks etc. They are known for low quality paid mapping in repeated violation of OpenStreetMap rule. See Organised Editing/ for partial listing.


The import process goes through the following stages:

  1. Adding data by owners in the user account / Loading data from an import file provided by the business owner
  2. Manual data verification by company employees
  3. Automatic mapping of owner-assigned categories to OSM categories
  4. Company search through Overpass
  5. Comparing our data with OSM data
  6. Uploading data to cf_audit for verification
  7. Exporting data via JOSM


This is a list of current Rocketdata team members. For any questions, please contact the relevant team member or Kate.

Community Consultation

We discuss all our imports using the forum -, our posts can be found under the topic Importing data from company owners using the service and for the countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.


We've asked our contributors to use the hashtag #RocketData with their edits.


We'll start in 2018, and we continue to this day.

Tools and Data Sources

We'll use the JOSM.


Our mapping team consists of the following OSM users:

Our team of editors believes that open communication between all editors in the OSM community is essential to improving OSM data. Please feel free to contact us or any other member of the Rocketdata team should you have any questions or concerns regarding our edits or what we do as an organization.