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Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire
latitude: 53.0, longitude: -1.10
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Rushcliffe is a district in Nottinghamshire at latitude 53°00′00.00″ North, longitude 1°06′00.00″ West.

Rushcliffe is a district in the county of Nottinghamshire in England.


Rushcliffe is bounded by the Trent and the City of Nottingham to the North, Leicestershire to the W and S. The boundaries which are difficult to determine from OSM sources are those with the district of Newark and Sherwood and the city of Nottingham. A boundary relation exists for Rushcliffe. Useful confirmatory information about boundaries can be obtained when surveying. For instance, wheelie bins, road name signs etc., may have the name or logo of the council displayed.



  • West Bridgford. Road and cycle networks more or less complete. Street names needed for about 25%. Many footpaths, especially outside urban area missing. See Nottingham for more details on status.

Large Villages (7)

Other Villages (45)




Q3 2009

  • Lots of activity in Q3 by mid-August: with extensive survey of footpaths, Grantham Canal, and Keyworth moving from a grey-blob to more-or-less road complete. Bingham and Cotgrave now have some roads as well. Ruddington roads have been added but lack names. SK53 19:43, 21 August 2009 (UTC)