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Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language focused on performance and safety, especially safe concurrency. Rust is syntactically similar to C++, but provides memory safety without using garbage collection.



  • osmpbfreader (doc) Read OpenStreetMap PBF files.
  • osmpbf (doc) Read PBF format.
  • pbf-reader (doc) PBF file format reader.
  • osm_pbf_iter (doc) Parse OpenStreetMap .pbf dumps while trying to avoid copying.
  • osm4routing (doc) Converts PBF to CSV.
  • osm-proto-rs (doc) Prost-generated native Rust bindings for the OSM PBF file format.
  • osm-to-geojson (doc) A CLI application that filters OSM PBF data files based on tags and then converts them to GeoJSON features in an NDJSON format.
  • osm-io (doc) Read/Write PBF files and convert to pg_dump files ready to load into OSM PostgreSQL.


  • osm (doc) OSM XML serialization and other OpenStreetMap utilities.
  • osm-xml (doc) Simple osm xml v0.6 parser.
  • osmio (doc) Read and write OpenStreetMap data files.
  • vadeen_osm (doc) Reading and writing xml and o5m. Pbf in the near future.



  • osmgraphing (doc) Playing around with graphs created via parsing OpenStreetMap data.
  • osmgpsmap (doc) Openstreetmap widget for GTK.


Public Transport


  • sailor (doc) A sailing navigation application.
  • hecate (doc) OpenStreetMap Inspired Data Storage Backend Focused on Performance and GeoJSON Interchange.

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