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Valhalla bike.png

Valhalla is an open source routing engine and accompanying libraries for use with OpenStreetMap data. Valhalla is used within Mapzen Turn-by-Turn services. Valhalla is open source software: see github


  • Flexible routing methods with dynamic costing - allowing multiple route types with the same data.
  • Expanded guidance / route narrative information providing clear and concise instructions along the route as well as output tailored for navigation along the route.
  • Tiled routing data structure allowing use within small memory profiles including mobile devices.
  • Includes software to import and create routing tiles from OpenStreetMap pbf data: from small extracts to worldwide coverage.
  • Includes turn restrictions, highway exit information, administrative information, and timezones.


Services using Valhalla

  • [1] Mapzen Turn-by-Turn provides automobile, bicycle, pedestrian, and multimodal routing.
  • [2] Mapzen Turn-by-Turn service supports routing available on