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The page is used to coordinate organization of the SOTM Baltics 2013 to be held in Tartu on the 3-4 of August, 2013. talk-baltics mailing list is used for discussion related to the conference organization.

Organizing team (subscribed to talk-baltics)

Target Audience


  • talk-ee (~50 members)
  • talk-lv (~50 members)
  • talk-lt (~50 members)
  • Finnish forum and talk-fi (number of members not known, probably also ~50)
  • Russian forum (~5 conference participants)










Conference schedule


  • Those coming from elsewhere in Estonia or Latvia will have enough time to come home till the evening. Those staying in Tartu (including guests) might have a smaller social event in the evening


  • Those coming from elsewhere in Estonia or Latvia will have enough time to reach Tartu before the lunch.
  • Common lunch somewhere
  • The first part of the conference (starts after the lunch and lasts till the evening?)
  • Main social event in the evening
  • Program - more about community


  • Welcome from the locals. State of the Map Estonia - Jaak - 20 minutes. Activity, map sources, local specific issues
  • Welcome from the host Tartu University - a professor, brief history of the university - 20 min
  • State of Map Latvia - 30 min TBA
  • State of Map Lithuania - 30 min TBA
  • State of Map Russia - 30 min TBA
  • State of Map Finland - 30 min TBA
  • None-conference stage - 60 min
  • Data imports - samples, goods and bads. discussion round/panel - 45 min
  • Last keynote: Jokes about Estonians, by Member of Academia Arvo Krikmann. confirmed, 30 min


  • The second part of the conference (starts in the morning and lasts till the lunch)
  • Common lunch somewhere
  • More technical talks (?)


  • Opening keynote: State Of The Map - by an OSMF board member (invited, probably Dermont)
  • Tricks and tips for ID - latest OSM web editor
  • JOSM for advanced hackers - relations, traffic data etc


See here

Accomodation suggestions

What I (jaakl) can suggest:

a) Hostels - all within about 15 min walk to center, from best to worst by my personal preferences

b) Hotels

Tip: some smaller villa-apartement places (e.g. Vikerkaare) may have no 24-hour staff, so you need to call ahead to arrange arrival on late hours. Some otherwise cheap places are in the edge of town (some 5-6 km from center) and I'm not that sure about public transportation there. The only camping place near city center would be in my backyard - free lawn provided.

To Do

  • will we have call for papers? I imagine some of the program would be prearranged, some would be non-conference
  • finances, sponsors
  • program, including social events