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Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

latitude: 17.0837, longitude: 120.9018
Browse map of Sagada 17°05′01.32″ N, 120°54′06.48″ E
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Sagada is a town in Mountain Province, Philippines at latitude 17°05′01.32″ North, longitude 120°54′06.48″ East.

Sagada, a municipality inside the Mountain Province, is known for its hanging coffins and other tourist attractions. [1].


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Area Status Remarks whois mapping?
Sagada Car (2/4)Housenumbers (X/4)Nature (X/4) Many POI's, roads, tourist attractions, etc. not on the map. Another survey and mapping of the area recommended


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  • Add various tourist attractions in and around Sagada
  • Trace waterways, forests, buildings, rice fields, etc. using Bing imagery

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