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OpenStreetMap has an internal server naming theme based on fictional dragons, as in "here be dragons".


More dragon names on wikipedia.

Also someone seems to have deemed it worthy to compile a similar list before.

Name Description
Vipertooth Type from Harry Potter
Lockheed X-men
Lambton Legend lived near Dragonsville, Durham. LivingwithDragons bias
Dragon32 of home computing fame back in the 1980's. (suggested by RichardF)
DragonNinja From the Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja arcade game. (suggested by RichardF)
Greygnarl Geriatric, grumpy dragon from Dragon Quest 9
Falkor (orig. Gorilla-server.svgFuchur) Luckdragon from the Neverending Story by Michael Ende.
Dribble An old, toothless, flameless dragon who sleeps a lot - Lady Sybll's pet in the Discworld novels.
Takhisis Five-headed dragon queen, and goddess of evil in the Dragonlance novels (see Takhisis)
Glaedr Inheritance Cycle series of books, an ancient, huge, golden dragon with 3 legs.
Shruikan Inheritance Cycle series of books, an enslaved, villainous black dragon.
Balerion, Meraxes, Vhagar Dragons from the Song of Ice and Fire series of books. More at
Toothless How To Train Your Dragon
Pirniplix The name means "one head". From the GDR modern tale "Der Drache mit den veilchenblauen Augen" by Gert Prokop. Child dragon, cast out by his father due to his one head, learns to read, write, calculate and finally rules his people.
Elliott The friendly dragon from the 70's film Pete's Dragon
Ancalagon Silmarilion
Kokosnuss "Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss" (eng.: The little dragon coconut) is german children's book from Ingo Siegner.
Kilgharrah The Great Dragon in the Merlin tv series


Name Description
Spike is a character from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Inheritance Cycle series of books, Thorn is a young red dragon.
Gorilla-server.svgzark from the Eidolon Chronicles/Shadow World books by Jane Johnson - full name is Xarkanadûshak
Gorilla-server.svgfaffy Cartoon, Dave The Barbarian
Gorilla-server.svgfiddlestick Strangewood (1999): Fiddlestick, a small musically emotive dragon.
Gorilla-server.svgsoup Character from The Clangers, a UK children's TV programme.
Gorilla-server.svgfuchur German spelling of Falkor from The Neverending Story
Gorilla-server.svgsarel Sarel seemonster from Wielie Walie early kids show in South Africa, Firefishy bias
Gorilla-server.svgdraco Latin for Dragon, Discworld
Gorilla-server.svgnorbert Harry Potter
Gorilla-server.svgpuff Puff, the Magic Dragon (song)
Gorilla-server.svgridley Metroid series
Gorilla-server.svgfafnir Norse mythology
Gorilla-server.svgsmaug The Hobbit
Gorilla-server.svgyevaud First dragon Ged talks to in the Earthsea novels.
Gorilla-server.svgerrol Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
Gorilla-server.svghorntail Type from Harry Potter
Gorilla-server.svgkonqi KDE
Gorilla-server.svgshenron Dragon Ball Z Eternal Dragon
Gorilla-server.svgalbi the (not anymore) racist dragon, from Flight of the Conchords comedy
Gorilla-server.svgazure Chinese Symbols
Gorilla-server.svgorm Another dragon in the Earthsea novels.
Gorilla-server.svgpoldi Young dragon from the German children's TV series Hallo Spencer (picture)
Gorilla-server.svgeustace Turns into a dragon in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia) after slipping on a gold bracelet.
Gorilla-server.svggorwen From Through The Dragon's Eye. The theme tune starts "North or South, East or West, the quest..."
Gorilla-server.svgbowser Bowser, also known as King Koopa, or Lord Bowser, is a video game character and the primary villain of Nintendo's Mario series.
Gorilla-server.svgramoth The main gold queen dragon in the Dragonriders of Pern series
Gorilla-server.svgfume Fumé is the father of Grisù. He works as a show dragon for the tourist office and wants to raise Grisù to a proper and scary dragon.
Gorilla-server.svggorynych A type of Slavic Dragon that is green and has three heads.
Gorilla-server.svgtrogdor Homestar Runner cartoon
Gorilla-server.svgidris Ivor The Engine
Gorilla-server.svgjakelong Jake, or Jacob Long, of Jake Long:American Dragon Disney TV series
Gorilla-server.svgkatla Given the increased probability of Katla volcano eruption in 2011, Katla from The Brothers Lionheart might fit.
Gorilla-server.svgclifford "Clifford the dragon was the animated star of the Listerine adverts in the late 80s and early 90s."
Gorilla-server.svgascalon Dragon slain by St. George.
Gorilla-server.svgnepomuk Half-dragon from the Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver by Michael Ende (picture)
Gorilla-server.svgpummelzacken Poldi's girlfriend, also from Hallo Spencer (picture).
Gorilla-server.svgtabaluga Tabaluga was created by the german rockstar Peter Maffay and the childrens song writer Rolf Zuckowski.
Gorilla-server.svggrindtooth (Mrs.) Grindtooth is a dragon from the same novel (picture). How about her German name (Frau) Mahlzahn? Anyhow, this name would suit best a server doing heavy number-crunching, like rendering.
Gorilla-server.svgviserion A dragon from the Song of Ice and Fire series of books.
Gorilla-server.svgkatie KDE Woman mascots
Gorilla-server.svggrisu from the cartoon "Grisù, der kleine Drache" (Draghetto Grisù). A little, fire-breathing dragon who wants to become a Firefighter.
Gorilla-server.svgscorch Puppet of 90s ventriloquist act Ronn Lucas
Gorilla-server.svgdulcy Sonic the hedgehog
Gorilla-server.svgkalessin Oldest dragon in the Earthsea novels.
Gorilla-server.svgdrogon A Dragon from the Song of Ice and Fire series of books.
Gorilla-server.svgsaphira Inheritance Cycle series of books, Saphira is a young blue dragon.
Gorilla-server.svgkessie A blue kestrel bird with a white belly, debuted in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
Gorilla-server.svgrhaegal A Dragon from the Song of Ice and Fire series of books.

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