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Use the talk page for questions about the server. For bugs or suggestions, you can open an issue on the osm-fr github infrastructure page.

The web service hosts an Overpass API. It is hosted on a server of the French chapter "OpenStreetMap France".

General notes

  • Usable by anyone
  • World wide coverage
  • Not guaranteed to suit your needs, use at your own risks, can stop anytimes, etc.

Usage policy

You are welcome to use that API for any purpose but not for any number of query by day. Not every query consumes the same ressources, but above 1.000 queries per day per "project" you might get banned. (By "project" I mean if you use this API in a smartphone app and you have 10.000 customer querying once per day then you are above the limit)

Note : If you plan to call those API with your own software doing lots of mechanical calls, please add &contact=your@email at the end of your queries. (It doesn't change the result since it isn't taken into account) But I'll be able to contact you to find a solution in case of problems like overload instead of banning you without notices (no promises however).

Overpass API

Notes :

  • This Overpass installation was in version 7.4 and supported area queries
  • Since 21 September 2017, it is now offline, the Overpass API (via this URL only) is redirected to the German instance.