Sevenoaks Mapping Party 2009

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Sevenoaks (map)

The Sevenoaks Mapping party took place 23rd/24th May 2009.

Where and when


(map). Sevenoaks is in Kent, but pretty close to London (just outside the M25. 30mins train from Charing X)


10am Saturday, Cafe Nero, 112 High Street, TN13 1UZ

6pm Saturday, The Chequers (any other recommendations?)

11am Sunday. Cafe Nero, 112 High Street, TN13 1UZ


23rd/24th May 2009. (Saturday & Sunday).

What you need

  • A GPS: recommended, but not essential. We will lend you one. Please add your name and note below, so we can ensure we will have sufficient receivers.
  • Laptop/PDA: again recommended, but not essential. There are some mapping and tracking programs out there which can be used for generating GPX files and displaying maps.
  • A camera: useful for mapping but also to have a nice souvenir


Sevenoaks cake.jpg

This schedule is just a proposal, feel free to modify or suggest changes.


Anyone local care to comment?


If you are interested in attending to the mapping party, you can sign down here (this is an informal list, just to see who may be coming).

Sat 23rd

Sun 24th


List the cake slices you're interested in mapping below, or pick a slice on the day.

  • Tallguy 3, 4 & anything to the North left over at the end to deal with later.
  • Glider South / west (12, 16)
  • JennyH Mapped 8.
  • Smsm1 Mapped 7.
  • Gregoryw mapped 4, 5, 10, 11, 17. ; Now finally entered. --Gregoryw 17:35, 30 May 2009 (UTC)
  • TimSC 14
  • 13 (west town centre) also was attempted, east side needs to be done
  • Jim 9

That is essentially the entire urban area in one day! Sunday, people can do any loose ends they are personally aware of and do some nearby villages or countryside. Please let me (Tim) know what you plan to do, to avoid duplication.


Talk GB Mailing List or phone Tim +44 (0)7719 775716