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Sosi2osm is a small utility which converts SOSI files released by the Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket) into OSM-files.

In order to do a basic conversion one may run:

sosi2osm input.sosi default.lua > output.osm

This will keep the original SOSI tags.

In order to convert an address node file, one may use:

sosi2osm input.sosi adresser.lua > output.osm

Other lua-files ([1]) may be made for the conversion desired.

The source is found here: The FYBA-library, which is a dependency, must be installed first:

Ubuntu / debian

There are packages for FYBA and sosi2osm in Debian (8+) and Ubuntu (15.04+). To install run:

sudo apt-get install sosi2osm

To download the .deb-packages manually for FYBA and sosi2osm, you may go to: and