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23 January 2020

      09:14 Protection log Tigerfell talk contribs protected Tag:shop=rental [Edit=Allow only administrators] (expires 09:14, 26 January 2020) [Move=Allow only administrators] (expires 09:14, 26 January 2020) ‎(Counter-productive edit warring)
      05:49  Tag:shop=rental diffhist +1,403 Adamant1 talk contribs Nothing about it is opinion. Otherwise, say what in the discussion on your talk page about it that I started instead of continuing to edit war me. The proper way to handle it is through discussion. So, do that instead. Or I'll report you. There's no reason the article can't be modified after we decide how if it is just "opinion." Another option is just to re-write it. Which I'm 100% willing to do, but I'm sure you'd still take issue with. Tag: Undo

22 January 2020

      18:45  Tag:shop=rental‎‎ 2 changes history0[Rtfm‎; Adamant1‎]
18:45 (cur | prev) -1,403 Rtfm talk contribs Undo revision 1948219 by Adamant1 (talk) As most he added is just blahblah about his opinion, on the other hand information is removed.Opinion please on the talk page, facts in the description Tag: Undo
05:35 (cur | prev) +1,403 Adamant1 talk contribs Undo revision 1948193 by Rtfm. I started a discussion about it on your talk page. If you have a specific issue with what I wrote discuss it there first and then I'll modify things to take out what you find false if we can agree on it. But the whole thing shouldn't be deleted just because you don't like it. Tag: Undo

21 January 2020

      23:44  Tag:shop=rental‎‎ 2 changes history0[Rtfm‎; Adamant1‎]
23:44 (cur | prev) -1,403 Rtfm talk contribs Undo revision 1947596 by Adamant1 (talk) Tag: Undo
09:56 (cur | prev) +1,403 Adamant1 talk contribs Undo revision 1943640 by Rtfm (talk). Everything I added is a statement of fact. If you don't like it, that's on you. You shouldn't have done the un-disclosed mass edit in the first place. The fact is rental= had and still has more uses then your whatever:rental does. The age of the proposal doesn't matter either. Its still superior to no proposal. Tag: Undo

19 January 2020

 m    06:06  Template:StatusLang‎‎ 2 changes history+17[EnBoldenTexts‎ (2×)]
06:06 (cur | prev) +1 EnBoldenTexts talk contribs |ro = schiţă
06:05 (cur | prev) +16 EnBoldenTexts talk contribs |ro =schiţă
 m    06:03  Template:DescriptionLang‎‎ 4 changes history+85[EnBoldenTexts‎ (4×)]
06:03 (cur | prev) -1 EnBoldenTexts talk contribs Stare
06:02 (cur | prev) +54 EnBoldenTexts talk contribs |ro =Status:
06:00 (cur | prev) +15 EnBoldenTexts talk contribs |ro =Grupare
05:57 (cur | prev) +17 EnBoldenTexts talk contribs |ro =Descriere

18 January 2020