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The city of Zürich has a local cycling network (LCN), which is marked with similar red signs as used for Regional Cycling Routes (RCN) in Switzerland. At network nodes there are red signs that include the different destinations of the connections from that node. Signs in between nodes are typically small with only a bike an arrow where to go.

The RCN which pass through the city are merged with the local cycling network, where the RCN signaling is combined with the LCN signaling, but this is not consistently done. There are situations where the LCN is crossing an RCN at the same level, but no signs are put in place to notify the cyclist (an example is RCN 84 - Etappe 4 at Mühlezelgstrasse/Langhagweg crossing the LCN on Letzigraben at this point).

At the time of writing, 24 October 2017, there is limited implementation of the LCN in the city of Zürich on OpenStreetMap. Over the years, some part of the network has been added to relation 152032, but this will not be workable when sticking to the agreement of ± 300 elements per relation. Additionally, the method used up until now is adding all ways that are around to the same relation, but this violates the use of relations (see Relations are not Categories). Thus a new approach has to be defined, this page is attempting to do this.


The nodes of the LCN in Zürich are not meaningful in their own right, like would be the case if it would be a village to village route. It does therefore not make sense to use relations for the ways in between the nodes to describe them, as they could not be given a sensible name. Next to that there is the case of Relations are not Categories.

Therefore the LCN of the City of Zürich should be mapped by simply adding a tag to the ways that are part of the LCN within the city ofew Zürich.

one big action the lcn=yes / proposed

Major actions

  1. In one big action the relation 152032 has been removed, all the ways that had been added to it have been given the tag lcn=yes. This was done in changeset 53366892 [1].