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How much merchandise to provide

Over the years various items of merchandise have be included in the ticket price for State of the Map. When determining what merchandise to provide you should consider the impact on the overall ticket price. As we have an aim to keep the ticket price low so that it is accessible to as main people as possible, we now provide just t-shirts and program guidebooks.

You may wish to provide additional items if the long term promotional factor of these outweighs the impact on the ticket price. Note however that there is no need to provide merchandise as part of a conference - you can always make an online sales website for people who want to buy branded products.

Third-party merchandise

State of the Map has previously allowed third-parties and sponsors to include merchandise. This was popular in the early days of State of the Map, in which we also provided a bag for all the "schwag" to be kept in.

Since the introduction of exhibition tables as part of the higher tiered sponsorship packages, State of the Map has restricted the distribution third-party merchandise to just those sponsors with exhibition tables. Whilst in an ideal situation we would like any company to be able to give as many freebies away as possible, the State of the Map working group felt that this restriction was needed to ensure that the appeal of higher tiered sponsorship packages were not devalued. We encourage companies that wish to give freebies away, to do so via online competitions, HOT, the Local Chapters or direct to OSM communities.

All sponsors can place leaflets in the conference rooms, whilst third parties can place leaflets in reception areas.


It wouldn't be State of the Map without a t-shirt. Since 2016 we have provided women's and men's t-shirts.

Previous designs

  • 2017 design concept
  • 2016: navy for delegates, ivory for volunteers with text changed to "volunteer"
  • 2014: ?
  • 2013: light blue for delegates, orange for volunteers, and 2 ?black? for tech crew. Single colour, front-print only.
  • 2012: design covered the front, back, and the logo on the side.

Distribution of sizes

Getting the right distribution of sizes can be difficult. Although we ask for size when people sign up for State of the Map, many attendees still sign up in the last few days and after the final t-shirt order is submitted to the printers.

The following tool can be used (includes SotM 2016 information):