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We ideally like to live-stream and record video of the talks. The setup of this will closely link with audio-visual setup.

Some points to consider.

  1. How to integrate with the audio system in the venue (we want the microphone to also link to speakers in the venue so that the audience can hear the presentation clearly).
  2. How to include questions from the audience. We usually use 2 portable microphones that can be taken into the audience.
  3. How to record audio from the presenters laptop - they may want to show a video.
  4. What if the speaker moves? Not all speakers will stand behind their laptop. In small rooms(< 200 seats), it may be find to have a fixed camera covering the whole width.
  5. How many people it takes to operate (panning the camera as the speaker moves, starting/stopping the stream during breaks, monitoring that it is all working). This should be a few people, as it requires special expertise.