State Of The Map 2007/Map Room 101

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Map Room 101 was an interactive talk given by Steve Chilton at the State Of The Map 2007 conference. In a style similar to the Room 101 TV series, Steve ran through several different features and points of interest, asking whether they should be included in OpenStreetMap or not (by shouting IN or OUT).

Off-shore wind farms

The first feature up for discussion was off-shore wind farms (for example Barrow Offshore Wind). Steve noted that they are already marked on Ordanance Survey maps, as an area with a boundary representing a no-go area for boats.

Consensus IN
Possible tags power=wind_generator

Sometimes-visible island features

Lakes and reservoirs can sometimes feature islands which appear or disappear depending on the level of the water. The island might even have old man-made features on it, such as a church.

Consensus IN?
Possible tags visible=sometimes :-)

Limestone pavements

See Limestone pavement on Wikipedia for an explanation.

Consensus IN
Possible tags tag the cracks? the paths?

Triangulation pillar (trig point)

Marked on OS maps.

Consensus IN
Possible tags man_made=survey_point

Angel of the North

Marked on OS map as a small circle, with path around it.

Consensus IN
Possible tags tourism=attraction
Map the 'arms', or just the legs?


eg Shell Island, Gwynedd

Consensus IN
Possible tags


Vertical ladders

eg Via Ferrata, Dolomites

Consensus IN
Possible tags no idea

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Consensus IN
Possible tags highway=footway
But how to mark that it's not on the Canyon floor? (bridge=yes?)