State Of The Map 2010/Bid/Barcelona & FOSS4G2010

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OK, so FOSS4G is going to be held in Barcelona, 6th-9th September 2010, thanks to the work of the spanish OSGeo chapter. And what's worse, the heads of OSGeo-es have taunted the spanish OSM chapter about holding SotM next to FOSS4G...


Ivansanchez / Spanish OSMF chapter

Proposed venue

This proposal is to move the dates of SotM10 back to 4th-5th September 2010, and share venue with FOSS4G2010.

The venue itself would be the Barcelona Congress Palace, the same venue as the FOSS4G. See:

With a little effort on both parts, OSGeo-es and the spanish OSMF chapter would work together to set up both conferences.

Short impression how the State of the Map 2010 would look like

Lots of people from FOSS4G attending SotM and lots of people from SotM attending FOSS4G. Both conferences in the same place would attract the highest concentration of geogeeks, ever.

Estimated attendance to the FOSS4G2010 will be about 2000 people, according to OSGeo.

Information about the city

Barcelona. Northeastern Spain. Well-known touristic destination. Good food. Big airport and seaport.

Cost estimates

No info yet. Dammit, the call for venues was very recent, will fill this up ASAP.

Preliminar talks with OSGeo-es have been made. Lorenzo Becchi, head of the FOSS4G2010 commitee, said he likes the idea of having both conferences together.

The idea is to keep both conference separate (SotM first, then FOSS4G); OSMF gets sponsorship from and pays for the days the SotM is held, OSGeo gets sponsorship and pays for the days the FOSS4G is held. OSGeo-es agrees that keeping things separated will ease the relationship between OSMF and OSGeo (and keep the accounting much clearer).

Potential sponsors and misc. information would be shared between parties. Probably a discount ticket for both conferences and a joint social event could be arranged with little problem.

The venue will be contacted shortly, in order to ask for a quote and verify that there are rooms available.