State Of The Map 2010/Bid/Barcelona in July

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Having the State of the Map held together with the FOSS4G could be damaging to OSM (it could be seen as part of OSGeo). So Barcelona would still be a nice bid if the original SotM10 dates are respected (10-11 July 2010).


Ivansanchez / Spanish OSMF chapter

Proposed venue

The venue itself would be the Barcelona Congress Palace. See [map]

Short impression how the State of the Map 2010 would look like

Pretty much like the SotM09 (big congress centre, lots of OSMers, easy transport), but with beaches.

Information about the city

Barcelona. Northeastern Spain. Well-known touristic destination. Good food. Big airport and seaport.

Cost estimates

The congress palace will be contacted for a quote. The companies sponsoring FOSS4G later in Barcelona would be contacted as potential SotM sponsors.