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Arjan Spigt / Bojan Sobocan

Organizing team

Most members of the SOTM 09 in Amsterdam will be member of the 2010 organizing team.

Proposed venue

The Forteiland The Forteiland IJmuiden is an island located at the mouth of the North Sea Channel just before the Dutch coastline and so far unmapped in OpenStreetMap. The beautiful, half underground fortress is the largest of the theorem and a Unesco world monument. In the Second World War the Fort Island was part of the Atlantic, as the presence of the bunkers explains. The 4 ha. large island on which the fortress stands, with an extensive corridors, more than 40 rooms and an impressive dome, is a particularly challenging and unique events venue.

To get to the island we need to go by boat, this will take between 5-15 minutes Speakers just there for their presentation can use the speadboat during the day.

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Short impression how the State of the Map 2010 would look like

The State of the Map 2010 is able to host a maximum of 350 people. The bid is based on the community only, so without a business day. There will be one main room and up to 15 parallel breakout sessions. The presentations of the main conference room wil be organised by the organizing team. The parallel breakout sessions will be planned based on proposed topics of the attendees on the Saturday and Sunday.

Therefore, State of the Map 2010 will go into depth and will be more community than ever. This enables the conference to discuss OpenStreetMap within small groups. Think about topics such as: Technical, map improvement, OSM wiki, Showcases, Marketing, PR, Local chapters, State of "Country", Lightning Talks, How to organize mapping parties, etc,

There will be a Forteiland mapping party as the island is not mapped at the moment.

Besides the presentation and sessions there is plenty of opportunities for lots of fun. Think about:

  • Fort Discovery
  • Forteiland Adventure
  • Location based OpenStreetMap game
  • Abseiling(rappelling)
  • Boat trips
  • Archery
  • etc

Saturday BBQ can be arranged on the island.

And off course for the football lovers, Saturday evening we will watch the World Cup game for the 3rd/4th place England vs. Argentina, and Sunday evening the final game Germany vs. The Netherlands ;-)

Information about the city

The Forteiland IJmuiden is an island located at the mouth of the North Sea Channel just in front of the Dutch coastline.

Nearby cities:

  • Amsterdam - 27 km from Amsterdam Central train station
  • Beverwijk - 7 km from Beverwijk train station
  • Haarlem - 14 km from Amsterdam Central train station
  • IJmuiden - 5 km Station Driehuis- Velsen
  • Zaanstad - 22 km from Zaandam train station

How to get there:

  • Schiphol Airport
  • Rotterdam Airport
  • Other, see Travel Page SOTM09

Where to stay: There is plenty accommodation in the area in the nearby cities. We can offer two alternatives:

  • Hotel boat at the island
  • Holiday-inn at Seaport Beach
  • When many decide to stay in Amsterdam it might be possible to take a boat or bus from Amsterdam to the island.

Cost estimates

We anticipate that the costs per person are Euro 100 for two days.

This includes a standard Dutch lunch, for our international audience we may want to add some other food against additional cost.

Additional activities as mentioned above are at the expense of every individual.