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December 2nd, 2009

Present: Bojan Sobocan, Arjan Spigt, Steve Coast, Emilie Laffrey, Ivan Sanchez (first 15 minutes), Henk Hoff, Simone Cortesi, Hurricane McEwen, Floris Looijesteijn

Apologies: Luca Delucchi, Andreas Labres


The meeting started of with a sales-pitch of the applicants present for their bid.


  • Of the Spanish bids he’d go for Girona
  • Interesting city
  • Easy to reach by air (Ryanair hub) and (international) train
  • There is a Spanish OSgeo event in the spring of 2010 in Girona.


  • Forteiland is a very small island with a old fortress.
  • Inspiring location where we can do a lot of community-building.
  • Plenty of break-out rooms

Simone (not the applicant, but speaking on behalf of OSMit) :

  • Genoa is a typical old charming Italian city: narrow streets and high buildings.
  • Venue is for free, however not available on Sunday
  • Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa
  • Several airports and seaports nearby or within 2 hours travel

Applicants of Vienna and Wagrain were not present.

First short-list:

  • Genoa
  • Girona
  • Forteiland
  • Vienna

Barcelona-bids not on shortlist in favor of Girona and Wagrein not on shortlist since that would be a winter-location and getting there is not all that easy.

After some discussion about the short-list all present members could vote for a bid. Girona: 4 votes / Vienna: 4 votes

Considering that Ivan (who was on the call, but had to leave early) would have voted for Girona and that several members had a stronger preference for Girona, the meeting came to a consensus to make Girona first choice and Vienna runner-up.


  • First choice is Girona, runner-up is Vienna
  • Three day conference, same as this year: businessday and community-weekend
  • Give the Spanish chapter a week time to confirm the venue and more detailed information about the costs.
  • If that’s unsatisfactory, the runner-up will host SotM10


  • Hurricane: Publish the results on the various OSM media
  • Henk: Contacting the applicants to inform them about the results of this meeting
  • Henk: Contact the board with our decision for approval

Next meeting

Wednesday December 9th @ 8PM GMT

November 18th, 2009

Present: Bojan Sobocan, Arjan Spigt, Steve Coast, Emilie Laffrey, Ivan Sanchez, Henk Hoff

  • Currently five bids (3x Spain, Italy, Netherlands)
  • Two more are in preparation (France and Belgium)
  • Decision process
    • The meeting of December 2nd will decide on the venue of preference based on consensus within the group of people present at the meeting
    • OSMF Board is approving this proposal or can vote another venue if they have strong objections for the proposed venue
  • The bids need to finalized by December 1st. Bids may change until that time.
  • From the three bids from Spain, Girona is the lead bid.


Henk: make clear to every bidding team that 1st December is the final day to propose/change bids.

Next meeting

Wednesday December 2nd @ 8PM GMT

November 11th, 2009

Present: Hurricane McEwen, Bojan Sobocan, Arjan Spigt, Steve Coast, Nick Black, Emilie Laffrey, Will King, Ivan Sanchez, Richard Weait, Henk Hoff

  • Currently two bids: Barcelona and Genova (Italy)
  • Both have major downsides.
    • Barcelona because of the combination with FOSS4G: OSM will not be the centre of attention
    • Genova because it has no major air-hub within 1-2 hour traveltime from city-center.
  • Decided for an extension of the the bidding process. Now ends at December 1st.
  • Announcing the venue/city at Monday December 7th.
  • Criteria to judge the proposal in order to make a proper decision
    • Easy access by public transport (train, bus)
    • Preferably 1 hour away (max 1,5 hours) from major airport which also is served by low-cost airlines
    • Availability of accommodation close to the venue
    • Venue facilities (conference rooms, AV, WiFI, break out areas, right size)
    • Venue catering
    • Interestingness of the city
    • How well the organizing committee will cope with the organization
    • Outreach & marketing activities planned by the organizers
    • Does the venue make SOTM accessible to a new group of OSMers (as opposed to the same people as last time)
    • Promotional opportunities towards commercial organisations
    • Sponsorship opportunities
  • There's also going to be a SotM USA. Probably a couple of weeks before or after the European SotM
  • Talked about moving SotM10 to USA/Canada altogether


  • Hurricane - Announce extension of bid on OGD, talk, facebook, LinkedIn
  • Henk - Contact Italian bidders to discuss the possibility of an alternative location/city
  • Henk - Add the criteria to the wiki and inform the current bidders
  • Henk - Set up a gDoc with the criteria to rate the proposals
  • Steve - Arrange dail-in codes/numbers for next meeting
  • All - Do (personal) outreach within each's network to get more proposals

Next meeting

Wednesday November 18th @ 8PM GMT

October 28th, 2009

Present: Henk, Hurricane

  • Only one bid at the moment: Barcelona
  • The combination with FOSS4G in Barcelona has pro's and con's
    • Pro: Attendees very likely to be interested in both conferences
    • Con: SotM might be perceived as a part of FOSS4G instead of a conference of OSM
  • Initial end of bid on November 8th. Need for extension?
  • If other bids are in the making, we would like to hear of it asap.


  • All - Use all available channels to promote the RFP.

October 14th, 2009

Present: Henk, Martijn, Floris, Arjan, Hurricane, Bojan

  • Evaluation last year
    • Processed forms are on the bid page
    • Martijn is going to work on the graphs to visualise the info a bit more.
    • Evalution of last SotM available on wiki and processed evaluation forms available via gDocs. Links will be added on the wiki.
  • Bid process
    • Page online
    • was already tweeted
    • Was already posted on talk
    • Henk to send note to list admins
    • First bid in, Barcelona, change of date proposed. Not impossible but not likely either
    • What can we do to stimulate the community to come up with creative bids?
      • Wiki page kind of bland
      • Put the word out on the social networks now.
    • German OSM conference in March.


  • Martijn work on some graphs based on the eval form data
  • Martijn 2009 web site to be archived, fresh 2010 instance to be put in place
  • Henk Every local mailing list admin will be asked to submit a post for the venue RFP
  • All Use all available channels to promote the RFP

Next meeting

  • Oct 28th, 9pm CET (8pm GMT) and then every other week.