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Official Accommodation with SotM Discounts

Early registration required

Provide registration and discount details.

Other Accommodation Options

The Auraria Campus is serviced by all RTD Light Rail lines. This means you can easily stay at any hotel in the Denver metro area that has easy access to the RTD Light Rail.

It's also fairly easy to take an RTD bus connection to the light rail which opens up a surprising amount of the Colorado Front Range. For instance, bus service between Boulder and Denver is frequent and generally fast. The express service will take you from downtown Boulder to Market Street Station in 30-60 minutes.

Denver also has a great bike share program, B-Cycle, to help cover that last mile.

Mid-range Hotels

These hotels offer clean, comfortable accommodations and easy access to both State of the Map and FOSS4G 2011. Arrange a room share and you may find it more affordable than the hostels.

  • Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown(Looks like this may be fully booked)
  • Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver - Known for a great breakfast.
  • Embassy Suites - the lowest rates here are for a two-room suite. Great for roomshares!
  • Sheraton Downtown Denver. A little more upscale than the others listed here. This is where FOSS4G 2011 is being held and provides a special rate which makes the price comparable to the others in this group. You don't have to attend FOSS4G to get the rate (but need to book via the FOSS4G web site or ask for the FOSS4G rate when booking). The FOSS4G committee encourages FOSS4G attendees to stay here as this will be the social center for the event.
  • Holiday Inn Select Cherry Creek - Offers a breakfast special, and special discounts for purchasing rooms in advance.

Cheaper Hotels

Speer Avenue just west of I-25 offers a variety of very inexpensive hotels. Even though it appears there is a large interstate exchange and a river in the way, there are walking paths that connect to downtown and the transit options it affords.


Please add details! Especially if you have experience with any of these hostels. Also be careful of distance. The Boulder Hostel has fairly easy access to the bus line into Denver.

Shared accommodation

Hotel room to share

Share with other OSMers. Offer to share or offer a room below.

Local OSM billets

Local OSMers with capacity for out of town OSMers offer here.

Typical Denver Weather

September weather in Denver varies. Yahoo tells us[1] that daytime highs of 79°F (26°C) and lows at night of 44°F (7°C) are average. Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn't state the standard deviation. The record high was 100°F (38°C) and the record low was 14°F (-10°C). It is very possible to see a wide range of weather even within the span of a single day. Also be aware that temperatures in direct sunlight will feel much higher than in the shade.

Denver is the Mile High City

The official elevation in Denver is 5280 feet (1610m).

Tips for Travellers


Bring layered clothing. A fleece top plus a water-resistant shell will help you to adjust to the changing weather during the days, if you venture outside at all.


Plan to arrive a day or two in advance to adapt to the elevation if you are coming from closer to sea-level.

Bring lip balm. Really. Everybody do this. We don't want a venue full of OSMers with chapped lips.

Bring moisturising skin lotion if you are prone to dry skin.

Wear sun block if you are going to be outside at all.

The State of the Map conference 2011