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This page exists so we can try to organise transport links from and to the airports to the State Of The Map 2011 conference.

Bus Service from the Airport

Denver's RTD operates a bus called the SkyRide that runs from the airport to Market Street Station (Market St & 16th Street) which is five blocks from where the venue. It leaves the airport every 30 minutes to an hour from 5am to 1am. It costs $11 one way.

RTD SkyRide AF

Shuttle Service

The SuperShuttle provides a reasonably priced ($20-$25 typically) alternative if you want to be taken directly to your hotel.

Ride Coordination

Please add your username, arrival or departure time and date, and flight number.

We've arranged a group discount on flights to and from Denver.

Denver Airport (DEN)


  • Nickw, 19:34 6 Sep, UA7490 from Toronto (originally Heathrow)
  • Kate Chapman 20:17 7th Sept from Philadelphia US Airways 995
  • Iván Sánchez Ortega 20:17 7th Sept from Philadelphia US Airways 995
  • Hiroshi Miura 14:59 8 Sep, UA6476 from Vancouver (originally Narita)
  • Harry Wood - LHR->PHL US 729, PHL->DEN US 995. Arriving 20:17 Thu 8
  • LastGrape/Gregory LHR->YYZ(Toronto) LH5338, YYZ->DEN AC 1039. Arriving 16:00 Thu 8
  • jgrocha US 995 PHILADELPHIA/DENVER 08SEP 20:17
  • Jaakko Helleranta 8 Sept, 22:11 from Charlotte, NC (CLT), US Airways 497 (from Haiti via Miami)
  • Andrew Turner 9 Sept, 9:57AM from Memphis, TN.
  • Brian Wolford 8 Sept, 16:50 from Reno, NV.


  • Nickw, 23 Sep, UA244, 10:30 to Chicago (and then Heathrow)
  • Hiroshi Miura, 18 Sep, UA989, 6:00 to SFO (and then Narita)
  • Harry Wood - Departing 14:10 Tue 13th. DEN->PHL US 998, PHL->LHR US 728.
  • LastGrape/Gregory Departing 12 Sep 12:57, DEN->IAD(Washington) UA 316, IAD->LHR UA 948.
  • jgrocha US 998 DENVER/PHILADELPHIA 18SEP 14:10
  • Jaakko Helleranta 12 Sept, 00:59 to Charlotte, NC (CLT), US Airways 494 (back to PaP via MIA)
  • Andrew Turner 16 Sept,4:08PM to Detroit
  • Brian Wolford 12 Sept, 11:55AM to Reno, NV.
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