State Of The Map 2011/Post Conference Mapping Parties

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This page is aimed at those who might be interested in a post conference mapping party. I (nickw) am staying on in Colorado for almost two weeks after the conference at these locations:

  • Manitou Springs, west of Colorado Springs, for the nights of Sep 12 to 15 inclusive. Aiming to climb Pikes Peak and do some local hikes - and hopefully do some mapping, though the main Barr Trail up Pikes Peak is already in OSM. Looks like the area is pretty well mapped, though obviously I'm not a local.
  • Breckenridge, Summit County, for the nights of Sep 16 to 21 inclusive, aiming to do some hiking in the surrounding mountains. This area actually looks pretty empty in OSM, yet there are apparently many hiking and mountain biking trails in the area that could be mapped. High altitude, so possibly tough. I have booked a room in the Fireside Inn, Breckenridge, for these 6 nights; it's a bunk bed so there is a spare bed should anyone be interested in mapping Breckenridge area that week.


Please add your name if you're interested in either or both of these, or the bed at the Fireside Inn. I have told the owners that there might possibly be a second person staying so it wouldn't be a problem.