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Aveiro, Portugal

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Aveiro is a small city on the sea side, with a total population of 75k inhabitants. It is a friendly cycling city, but mappers can walk around, since there is no need to use public transportation between the conference site and the hotels.

The events locations are: Centro de Congressos de Aveiro, for the main conference; and the Aveiro University for the code sprint and pre-conference workshops.

Proposed event structure

Our arguments to organize the SOTM 2012 are concentrated in the event itself, and how we might improve it from previous years.

  • a new SOTM program that includes:
    • a new design and code sprint week, to gather in the same room the technical people (just before SOTM 2012), at Aveiro University
    • pre-conference workshops, open to existing and new mapping projects (including an academic workshop)
    • 2 full days conference
    • half day OSM-F general assembly (just for OSM Foundation members)
    • full day OSM-F board meeting (just for the board; before or after SOTM)
  • nearby airport (Oporto: OPO) with low cost flights
  • free facilities like rooms, auditoriums, wifi, etc, at the Centro de Congressos de Aveiro
  • inexpensive accommodation (3 star hotel around 50 €/night) and food (5 €/lunch). Low cost alternatives are also available
  • full support (accommodation + food + coffee) for designers and developers for the design and code sprint
  • an entirely local organization supported by volunteers, as the OSM project is
  • the legal/technical support from the local OSGeo chapter (non-profit organization), to provide proper invoices, receipts, etc, if necessary
  • the local organization will maintain the wiki and a parallel website will all needed functionality (registration, payment, workshop and paper submission, etc)
  • local experience in event organization (taken advantage of the local OSGeo chapter experience and from Paralelo 40 Local OSM group)
  • local organization able to capture local sponsors (besides international sponsors)
  • cultural event and gala dinner included

From now on, we are available to answer any questions related to our proposal. Any suggestions that may improve it, are very welcome, and can be sent directly to the local committee email address or can be written down where, in the wiki.

Design and code sprint week

After the license change closed, we need to go on improving the social experience of mappers and the overall usability of the web site and editors. We are proposing a full week for designers and developers able to come (we fully support accommodation, food and lots of coffee) to work face to face.

Pre-conference workshops

A call for workshops will be published to allow smaller communities to get together, on the day before the conference. OSM mapping projects may take this opportunity to submit a workshop proposal. We have lots of space in the University for these half-day or full day workshops.

We will also invite some known professors, already working with OSM (and in the VGI domain) to prepare a scientific pre-conference workshop, with a specific call for papers, peer review and publication on a indexed publication.


Getting to Aveiro

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO) at Oporto, is an international airport serving the north area of Portugal. It is located in the city of Maia 17 Km North of Oporto and 90 Km north of Aveiro. Recently this airport won the best airport of the world award in the 5 million passangers category. Lisbon Airport (LIS) is also only 2 hours/20,00 € away from Aveiro by train. You can schedule you flight through Lisbon.

The Oporto Airport have a subway stop that connects the airport with the city of Oporto and the train station (Campanhã Station).

  • Violet Line: Airport - Campanhã Station (33 minutes);
  • Ticket Fare: 1,50€ (VAT included);
  • Operating Hours: 06H00 - 01H30.

From Campanhã Station to Aveiro Train Station, in the heart of the city of Aveiro, there are several trains (1 hour max.).

  • Ticket fare between 3 € and 14 € (VAT included) depending on the train;
Air connections to Oporto from various European cities
City Airfare
Barcelona € 85
Madrid € 70
Paris € 80
London € 80
Frankfurt € 90
Milano € 111
Rome € 160
Brussels € 180
Amsterdam € 140
Prague € 150
Galsgow € 206
Dublin € 317
Athens € 200
Ljubljana € 330
Tallin € 335
Warsaw € 335
Moscow € 220
Oslo € 276
Budapest € 137
Geneva € 120
Stockholm € 206
Copenhagen € 189
Air connections to Oporto from various World cities
City Airfare
New York € 800
Chicago € 1153
Los Angeles € 1200
Tokyo € 2207
Kuala Lumpur € 1101
Johanesburg € 720
Rio de Janeiro € 977
São Paulo € 975
Buenos Aires € 1308
Delhi € 750
Buenos Aires € 1308

Road network

Aveiro is at the end of one of the most important motorway : A25 which links Aveiro to Spain, also known as European Road E80.

  • 3H from Spain (Vilar Formoso)
  • 6H from Madrid

It is connected to the most important North-South motorway A1, A17, A29 :

  • 2H30 from Lisbon
  • 1H from Porto
  • 2H30 from Vigo