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  • When will it be? - User:Lulu-Ann
    • A: We propose the following dates:
Date Event Expect num. of participants
July, 8-12 OSM design and code sprint 20-30
July, 12 Pre-conference workshops (6 different workshops with 20 part/each) +- 120
July, 13-14 SOTM 2012 +- 300
July, 15 (morning) OSM Foundation assembly < 50
July, 16 (or 12) OSM board meeting < 10

  • The most recent London/London Hack Weekend Nov 2011 attracted 24 attendees (several from other cities, and some from further afield). So above 20 might not be hard to reach. Although not being a weekend could be hard for some, others may have OSM/open-source supporting employers.
    • A: If more than 20 developers are able to come, we need to raise some additional sponsorship to support them all. We don't have space limitations, and more developers are really welcome. Even if more developers are able to come, we still would like to offer them accommodation, food and coffee, in return to their contribution.

  • Who are the organising committee/volunteers? Have they been to a previous SotM? What is their experience with running events? (these aren't essential criteria, but nice to know). - LastGrape/Gregory 12:36, 16 December 2011 (UTC)
    • A: The entire organization is based on volunteers from the OSM local community. The Portuguese OSGeo Chapter formally supports the initiative and can provide proper invoices, can receive money from sponsors, etc. This is a non-profit event, and any profit will revert to the OSMF. We have experience in event organization, since we organize all OSGeo related events /initiatives in Portugal. Personally [Jorge Gustavo Rocha], I've being in SOTM 2012.

  • I was interested in names, it makes it more personal.
    • A: The proposal is being prepared by the following volunteers:
      • Jorge Gustavo Rocha, Universidade do Minho, Braga
      • António José Silva, Universidade Nova, Lisboa
      • Ângela Seixas, Universidade Lusófona do Porto, Porto
      • Jacinto Estima, Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro
      • Filipa Ramos, Montemor-o-Novo
      • Pedro Mendes, XLM, Aveiro


Any plans to take this bid and turn it into SOTM-EU 2012 like it was successfully done in Vienna last year? See also [1] --John07 20:52, 6 February 2012 (UTC)