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Monday July 25 of State Of The Map U.S. 2016 is the hands-on day with workshops, code sprints, documentation sprints, field mapping, data gathering, Missing Maps mapping party, and a Maptime summit.

The main work area is room 210 in the Seattle University Student Center. Some projects will split out into room 130. There will be a projector (room not yet known).

We're scheduled for 9am through 4pm. Let's assemble in room 210 to start with. After a bit of time for getting settled, we'll do project pitches, then split out into teams. There will be some specific training and mapping events in 130 -- we'll post the schedule of those events as soon as we have it.

We're using unconference principles, so if you arrive late, or have to leave, or want to switch projects, or...that's fine.

Add your project!

Share your ideas and coordinate your activities!

Pitch your project! Add a summary of your project here, in the appropriate section (code, mapping, documentation). Link to a separate subpage with details. In your subpage, please include contact information, links to current work, what you need help with, what skills you need, what tools / apps are needed, how to set up a development environment, etc.

Code sprints

Hey, Duwamish!

Work on the Hey, Duwamish! project, a citizen journalism website template aimed at environmental cleanup. See the current website in use for the Duwamish Superfund Cleanup site:

Hey, Duwamish! Hands-On Day Project

Road Speed Data Collection -> Isochrone Maps

During the West Africa ebola epidemic, there was a need to identify locations that were furthest away from current ebola clinics, to plan where to site new clinics. For that, we needed to collect road speed data (smartphone app for truck drivers!), aggregate it and compute speeds, match GPS traces to OSM road ways, add tags in OSM, then use that data in Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) isochrone map generator. The epidemic ended before this work was completed. But we know we're going to need this in the future, so let's have it ready in advance!

Road Speed to Isochrone Maps Hands-On Day Project

Who's Interested

  • Pat Tressel


I have been thinking more about the notion of a notification system for OSM. Right now this is totally fragmented. You get an email when someone responds to a diary entry. If you use JOSM it tells you about new messages in your inbox. It may be much neater to have a notification system that providers (diary, changesets, even individual objects, groups, perhaps even approved third party systems) could publish to and end users subscribe to in a flexible way.

related issues

OpenStreetMap Analysis

During the hands-on day at State of the Map US, a group of individuals met to discuss OSM analysis use cases and engineering challenges. Their work is summarized in the page OSM Analysis SOTMUS 2016.

Field Papers

Field Papers is one of the key data collection tools used in OpenStreetMap. Let's spend the day making it better.


Who's Interested

  • Kate Chapman
  • Lindsey Jacks
  • Seth Fitzsimmons
  • Alan McConchie

iD Editor

Here are a handful of issues from the iD issue tracker that we can tackle as a group.


Who's Interested

  • bhousel

Mapping parties

Missing Maps

Help the Red Cross and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team by mapping areas that are at risk of disasters, but where the map is incomplete. We'll map from satellite imagery, working on areas identified by the Red Cross. Read more here:

Missing Maps

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Seattle Slice and Dice

What are all the subdivisions of Seattle? Precincts -- political and police, "neighborhoods", yadda yadda. Help find polygons for all of them. Get these into OSM and into the catalog of Seattle pieces.

Documentation sprints

What are you planning to work on? Share here!

OSM on Wikipedia

Help us bring maps to Wikipedia community, or work on creative map usage in the articles.

TeachOSM/LearnOSM Content sprint

We'll work on improving and consolidating our educational content on both TeachOSM and LearnOSM.


The switch2osm relaunch needs help! Writing, graphics design and subject matter experts are all needed.

This is a good followup to the rendering your own maps workshop by Pnorman (talk)


There will also be lots of workshops on Monday July 25th. Please see the list...coming soon!

Maptime Summit

We'll be in RM 105 of the Pigott Building, from 10:30am to 2:30pm

Please RSVP on the Maptime Summit eventbrite page:

Any questions? Ask @MaptimeHQ on twitter