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It is highly recommended that you develop a plan, timeline and budget early. This allows you to be clear about your aims, to track progress and to track the financial situation.

Event plan

The Event Plan is a short (3 to 5 pages) written document that set out our aims at a high level. The purpose of the event plan is that it helps us agree at a high level what we will do and therefore helps to avoid last minute shock changes.


  • State of the Map 2017: PDF, ODT

It includes details about the format of the event (number of tracks and whether there will be a hack day) and how the venue will be used (breakout rooms, lunch, space for exhibition stands). It is best to include as much detail on the venue as possible as you should already have most of this from the call for venues and last minute surprises here will be problematic. For other parts it is fine to agree just the high level, for example: "we WILL organise a social event" / "we will NOT organise a social event".

Note: GitHub issues is where we actually discuss how to deliver each task. So for example, we would open a GitHub issue about the social event to discuss venue options, food, etc..


To do.


An up to date financial budget is essential. It helps you to decide what is possible to include in your event (e.g. setting ticket prices, deciding on scholarship programs).

We have developed the following budget based on experience gained from recent international State of the Map events. You should take a copy and adjust it to your needs. It is currently configured for a 3 day large event. Note: there are many uncertainties when running an event - as such we have built a budget that allows you to see the impact of higher or lower ticket sales.