State of the Map 2013/Minutes/2013-06-12 Meeting

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9th SotM13 meeting

June 12th, 2013 @ 8pm BST


Rob, Floris, Brian, Mary, Stuart, Andrew, Shaun

Previous meeting

State of the Map 2013/Minutes/2013-05-29 Meeting


1.Sponsor update

Digital Birmingham - Confirmed that there is no sponsorship money, but will progress other leads.

Brian to meet Chief Exec of Aston Science park, Library and Millennium Point. View to local promotion and collaboration.

Action: Jon to get logos for 1Spatial and MapAction for website. Will need a category below bronze.

MySociety interested in Silver sponsorship. Were asking about product display, so may be able to push them up to gold. A “product display” is essentially a booth (table & chairs) to show of what they want. Will be in one of the lecture rooms where we have our tea and coffee. Action: Brian to confirm whether it includes display booths.

Henk to meet with Bonnie from MapBox re getting help with Sponsorship from that side of the pond.

2.Delegate Registration update

(I'll have a budget spreadsheet ready for these two items - link available on request)

Request for single day ticket - rejected (too late, will annoy others)

Hampshire CC asked about multiple tickets and potential discounts. Brian hinted at future buddy tickets.

3.Website update

  • - Header alongside bull is wasted white space. Add details “State of the Map 2013, and dates”
  • - Remove banner about deadline for call for posters
  • - Booking page needs to have the conference dates more visible.
  • - Details about the student halls accommodation.

4.Ongoing promotion schedule now CFP and Early Bird reminders finished

Regular slots in a schedule to be drawn up and then populated with items each time a schedule slot arrives. Rob? to produce schedule.

5.Any lessons from SotMUS

  • - Video Streaming and access to videos after the event.
  • - Roaming microphones for audience questions.
  • - Need to make sure that the presenter keeps to time (someone at the back to hold up placards showing remaining time).
  • - Just be careful that sponsors are aware of what the conference is. A permanent booth and expectation that people will come to you throughout the day is too rigid for SOTM.
  • - Bird of Feather (BOF) sessions arranged for questions post key presentations. Basically just space and a whiteboard.
  • - Hack days arranged for AFTER the conference (2 days). Space offered by local companies.
  • - OSM Plus included a lawyer to help provide advice about licensing. Mapbox asked about geocoding. Is geocoding a derivative work? If we want to run something like this then maybe get in touch with OpenKnowledge / Michael Collinson.

6.Constructing conference programme

From presentations submitted - how and who only - actually doing it won't fit into tonight's concall. I suggest we concentrate tonight on what conference time we want to allocate to "central" themes like breaks,keynotes,prizes,workshops,lightning talks and then what's left gives us a total number of sessions to allocate. The template I've shared is a direct copy of SotMUS

In previous years we have done this via a google doc. Each person has their own column to add comments alongside the proposals (red, amber, green). Black for not conversant to judge

  • - Rob to start categorising the presentations into groups. Action for this weekend
  • - 70 Sessions, and 90 presentations
  • - Start reading the proposals and will need comments
  • - Workshops work better as small groups


Skipped this week.

8.Anything else

  • - Request to Henk for final discount code for UCL
  • - Brian, any update on the VISA’s (scholarship)? Still waiting for a response - I have chased them and it’s still live but no indication of success.
  • - Steve Coast email list removal: Henk to do this when he gets home.
  • - Andrew to ask Civico for more details about exactly what we get from them, and what we can do with this.