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State of the Map Africa 2017 - Tunis

Welcome to the application page to host State Of The Map Africa 2017 in Tunis, Tunisia. The below proposal is prepared by the OpenStreetMap community in Tunisia.

Super moon over Medina of Tunis

Our vision

"OpenStreetMap, a tool for sustainable development" will be the title of SOTM Africa 2017 in Tunis. This event will be important for this wonderful continent since we will have the opportunity to celebrate this great community project.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss the African countries OpenStreetMap communities expansion and the lack of cartographic data in some less developed areas (inland and rural areas). We intend to make SOTM Africa 2017 an event that will encourage and inspire people to join the community and get involved in mapping their regions. In the other hand, it will be a space to share the knowledge and the knowhow by discussing various technical aspects, experience and achievements of Africa OSM community.

The SOTM Africa 2017 event is also an opportunity for foreigners to discover Tunisia cultural and historical heritage and to eventually establish business relations with Tunisian institutions and companies in order to adopt the OSM as an alternative.

Why Tunisia ?

Sidi Bou Said

Tunisia, an emerging democracy, is located in north Africa. It is and ideal location as it is at the center and close to most OpenStreetMappers in the world.

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is a big city and a great place for holidays. Below are some places that might interest you:

Who are we ?

OpenStreetMap Day Tunisia 2016

We are members of the OpenStreetMap Tunisia community. Currently, the team members are the following:

  • Alaa Marzougui
  • Béchir Nemlaghi
  • Mohamed Ali May
  • Mohamed Chedli Ben Yaghlane
  • Mohamed Marrouchi
  • Naoufel Razouane

The team members are from various associations, clubs and local communities with a very good experience in organizing such events. Later on, more volunteers will be joining in to make sure SOTM Africa 2017 will be successful. The associations that will be involved in the organization of the event are:

  • Carto citoyenne
  • CLibre
  • Freeways
  • Nomad08
  • OpenFab Tunisia

For more information, please contact us on our mailing list :

Our community has been very active this year, we have organized:

  • The 12th OSM birthday.
  • Mapping Parties : A monthly workshop to train and motivate people contributing to OSM.
  • A conference on OSM during the SFD (Software Freedom Day) at ISSAT, Sousse.

Visit the OSM Tunisia community facebook page for more details :

When ?

SOTM Africa 2017 is planned on 1-3 July 2017. It is a pleasant period to spend the summer holidays and to enjoy the sun. It will occur at the same time as the International Festival of Carthage and Hammamet International Festival that are starting the first half of July.

Where ?

Planétarium de la Cité des sciences de Tunis (2009).jpg

SOTM Africa 2017 is planned to take place at Cité des Sciences. It is a large and secure area dedicated to host this kind of events throughout the year.

Located ~2km away from Tunis–Carthage International Airport and ~6km away from city center. The metro station "El Fell" is located ~100 meters away and is an excellent mean of transportation.

Aside from its proximity, we would like to choose the Cité des Sciences for its resources:

  • Rooms availability:
    • Conference rooms
    • Computer rooms
    • Restaurant
    • Exhibition areas
    • Outdoor areas
  • WIFI connectivity and audio-visual hardware (eg projectors, microphones)

Conference rooms rental fees

Conference rooms and equipment prices are increased by 30% on Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays outside of working hours.

Item Price TND ~Price EUR
The big auditorium Ibn Khaldoun: 264 seats 1180 500
The small auditorium El Khawarizmi: 132 seats 708 290
Ibn Al Jazzar Room: 25 seats, with 24 computers 354 145
Ibn Haythem Room: 120 seats
Day 1 177 73
Day 2 154.000 63
Next days 118 48
Sciences News Room: 90 seats
Day 1 130 53
Day 2 118 48
Next days 106 43
Commission 1 Room: 190 seats
Day 1 83 34
Day 2 71 29
Next days 59 24
Ibn Rochd Room
Day 1 150 61
Day 2 143 59
Next days 135 55

Equipment rental fees

The big auditorium Ibn Khaldoun and the small auditorium El Khawarizmi rooms equipment:

Item Price DT ~Price EUR Unit
Video-projector 36 15 Per day
overhead projector 12 5 Per day
Video recording 118 48 Per hour
Photo CD 12 5 Per CD
Videoconferencing 200 82 Per day

Ibn Haythem, Sciences News, Commission 1 and Ibn Rochd :

Item Price DT ~Price EUR Unit
Video-projector 36 15 Per day
Video-projector 12 5 Per day
Video recording 118 48 Per hour
Photo CD 12 5 Per CD

Areas rental fees

Area Price DT ~Price EUR Unit
Temporary exhibitions area 17.700 7
Outdoor not covered area 3.500 1.5
Outdoor covered area 8.500 3.4


Below are estimate costs for surrounding hotels:

Hotel Rates for double room/day (2 persons) Rates for 100 visitors during 3 days Website Distance between hotel and the Cité des Sciences Address Capacity
El Mouradi Africa Hotel 332,500TND (half board)

136EUR (half board)

49 875TND

20 450EUR 9,1 km 15 min by car Hôtel Africa, 50 Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis 1001

Tel : +216 71 34 74 77

+300 people
The Diplomat Hotel 260TND (half board)

107EUR (half board)

39 000TND

15 990EUR 6,2 km 11 min by car 44, Avenue Hédi Chaker - Tunis

Tel : +216 71 78 52 33

+200 people
Majestic Tunis Hotel 258TND (half board)

105EUR (half board)

38 700TND

15 870EUR 6,0 km 14 min by car HÔTEL MAJESTIC 36, Avenue de Paris - 1000 - Tunis - Tunisie

Tel : +216 71 33 26 66

+150 people
Ambassadeur Hotel, Tunis 228TND (half board)

93EUR (half board)

34 200TND

14 000EUR 4,1 km 8 min by car Avenue Taieb M'Hiri, Tunis 1002

Tel : +216 71 84 60 00

+100 people
Carlton Tunis Hotel 156TND (Bed & breakfast)

64EUR (Bed & breakfast)

23 400TND

9 600EUR 9,0 km13 min by car Avenue Habib Bourguiba

Tel : +216 71 33 06 44

167 people
Excel Hotel 136,500TND (Bed & breakfast)

56EUR (Bed & breakfast)

< 100 9,1 km15 min by car Avenue Habib Bourguiba 70 people
Hotel El Hana International 119TND (Bed & breakfast)

49EUR (Bed & breakfast)


7320EUR 6,5 km 15 min by car Avenue Habib Bourguiba

Tel : +216 71 33 11 44

+200 people
TEJ Hotel 110TND (Bed & breakfast)

45EUR (Bed & breakfast)

< 100 7,6 km 14 min by car HOTEL TEJ TUNIS, Rue Mohamed Aziz Taj, Tunis 1001, Tunisie

Tel : +216 71 34 26 29

70 people
Complexe des jeunes de la marsa (Auberge des jeunes) 60TND (Breakfast not included)

25EUR (Breakfast not included)

< 100 19,0 km 29 min by car La Marsa, Tunis 50 people
Auberge magrébin de la jeunesse de Rades 60TND (Breakfast not included)

25EUR (Breakfast not included)

< 100 21,0 km 25 min by car Rades, Ben Arous 75 people

On the other hand, university homes (Ariana, Ras Ettabia, Tunis,..) could be used and booked during the holidays. Bus transportation will be provided by the Ministry of Transport as well as providing a room for the organizing committee preparatory work.

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