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Although we are virtual this year we plan to have a conference t-shirt. The t-shirt won't be included in a ticket price as we won't sell tickets for the virtual conference. So everybody has to buy the t-shirt for themselves. To keep shipping costs low and reasonable we are trying to find shops all over the world. We are organizing this here.

You cannot buy t-shirts at this shops for SotM yet. As soon as we open the t-shirt sale we will provide this information at the SotM website.

If you know a suitable t-shirt shop let us know via email and/or give your contact below in the list worldwide regions.

We will provide the print-ready design for the T-shirt on this page, for you to print yourself. If you can assist with this design and the format, please get in touch.

We will also provide instructions for how to find T-shirt printing shops, what to look out for, how to make sure the design prints well, and what cost factors are involved. It may make sense to find friends to share the costs with, you are welcome to coordinate that on this page too.

We're all figuring this out together, please let us know your concerns or ideas, via email (above) or the Telegram group.



Contact: Enock Seth Nyamador (enock4seth on Telegram)


Contact: Kokou Elolo AMEGAYIBO (AKEAmazan on Telegram)


Contact: Geoffrey Kateregga

South Africa

Contact: Bernelle Verster (indiebio on Telegram)



Contact: Gaurav Thapa (via Telegram)


Contact: Jinal Foflia

Australia and Oceania


Contact: Edoardo Neerhut

Central America


North America

South America