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SotM Working group is looking for help for the following tasks

Artwork & Design

T-Shirt Design

Do you like to design a T-Shirt for the Virtual SotM 2020? The colors should be the same as at the SotM 2020 website: And of course the logo should be used in the T-Shirt. Any further ideas for the conference t-Shirt?

Local T-Shirt shops

We are looking for people who could help us to find local shops for printing and shipment of SotM t-Shirts. It would be perfect to find shops all over the world so that shipment costs are reasonable. Our aim is to provide regional shirt providers who have our conference t-shirt in the program and everyone could order their own SotM 2020 shirt.

Artwork for Stickers (and more)

Do you have any further ideas for SotM 2020 branded stuff? Like artwork for stickers with SotM 2020 logo and funny ideas around? We plan to publish a collection of artwork at SotM website, so that people could print stickers (and more) at their local shops.

Conference volunteers

We are looking for people who like to help during the conference in different ways:

Session hosts

The session hosts announces the speakers and manages the Q&A sessions. Q&A means questions and answer session. This take place at the end of each talk. The audience has the chance to ask questions to the speaker at the end of each session.


Do you have interpreter skills and would like to participate at SotM in this role?

An idea would to write down translations on a pad. We would share the pad URL with the audience.



BillowConf is our platform for the video conference and maintained by Kyle who is part of the local team in Cape Town:

Kyle and his team is looking for help. Mainly a frontend developer is needed at the moment.

Public Jitsi or BigBlueButton Servers

Do you maintain a public Jitsi or BigBlueButton server? We would like to offer such services during SotM for self-organized sessions.


Please don't hesitate to send us a short email if you like to get involved with one of this tasks! We are always looking for helping hands!