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This page is a work in progress! The content is likely incomplete, inaccurate or empty.

This page collects some information for people helping with the video stream production at State of the Map 2022.

Video Mixing Workflow

On mixer shift start

  • Ensure that streaming and recording are active.
  • Check in Venueless and on the website that the stream of the room you're responsible for works.

Talk cycle

SotM 2022 is a hybrid conference, so we have both local live talks and pre-recorded talks of remote speakers. The workflows for these are fairly different and outlined below.

Local live talk

  1. For the introduction, switch to a camera only scene.
  2. During the talk, switch to a scene where the slides and/or the speaker are visible. If the speaker stays on a slide for a long time and mostly talks, switching to a camera-only view is also fine.
  3. For the Q&A, switch back to a camera only scene. In case the speakers need their slides again, switch back to a corresponding scene.

Pre-recorded talk

We plan to do these fully 'remote', so also the session host will not be in the lecture hall, but in a separate room instead (room 102 is currently intended for this). The workflow will be roughly as follows:

  1. An assistant in room 102 will join a video conference (we will use BigBlueButton from the OSMF for this). The remote speaker will join the same video conference. This should happen about 15-20 minutes before the talk starts and they should test everything.
  2. Before the session starts, the session host also goes to room 102 where they take the seat of the assistant and can quickly talk to the speaker.
  3. The assistant or a video team member in the lecture hall also joins the same video conference on the presentation PC, but muted and without camera. The video conference is made full screen and shown in the lecture hall on the projector and the audio from the conference is played back in the lecture hall, too. Once this is all ready, the lecture hall assistant or a video team member informs the assistant in room 102 about this (via IRC or Venueless chat) and when it's time to start the introduction, the session host starts.
  4. Once the introduction is over, the browser on the presentation computer should be muted and the video of the pre-recorded talk should be played back by the assistant or a video team member.
  5. When the video has finished, the lecture hall assistant or video team member informs the assistant in room 102 about this (since there's about 30s delay in the stream, watching the stream in room 102 is of little use - but we might be able to provide a stream with less delay), switches back to the video conference and unmutes the browser.
  6. Then the Q&A can start.

On mixer shift end

  • Switch the presentation to the sponsor/break slides/video and start playback in a loop.
  • Streaming and recording can be left running until the end of the last block of talks of the day.

Venueless contact information

  • Manfred: mstock