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We have a small room that holds 30 people where we can do talks. If you would like to do a talk please let me know. The Timetable may change before the day so please keep checking.

Setting up Time

We open the gates at 8:30 mainly for the catering staff and food deliveries. The tables will be set up when you arrive so it will just be about setting out your stall. We have 35 groups arriving, if we have a lot of people that need to drive into the church to drop stuff off then it may take a bit of a car shuffle because we can only have a few cars in the church yard at a time. The area we are in is going to be busy with rush hour so if you are bringing a car into the church please allow that extra time. You don't need to be at the church at 8:30 if you only have a few things to set up you Please turn up at at 9:30. I hope to do basic introduction fire, toilets, where to get coffee talk at about 9:45


Parking is a difficult around Greyfriars Kirk. What follows is a list of what is available. I recommend Quartermile

1. Most convenient 6-9hours £14 Quatermile NCP Enter from Chalmers Street on to end of Simpson loan see map I would strongly recommend prebooking your space. If you prebook then you will be able to enter the car park by using your prebook reference number or your credit/debit card you used to prebook the space.

2. A 5 min walk 6- 8hrs £12 Blackfriars Street (Raddison Blu) car park enter from Blackfriars St

3. A 10 min walk 4-24 hours £15 St Johns Hill

4. a 10 min walk up to 12 hours £14.50 Waverly Enter from bottom of New Street

5. Most expensive by far 7-24hrs £26 Castle Terrace NCP

On street free parking is available but it will be a 15 minute walk, the best place to find it is to go south to Newington, see Edinburgh Pay and Display

Medical Emergencies

Dr Anand Ramkissoon will be in the cafe if there are any emergencies

Your Questions

1. What is the table size : 1.8M long 0.6M Wide. Please supply your own table clothss

2. Is there WiFi : If you need Wifi please let me know and I will see if I can arrange it.

3. Can I drop stuff off. We are hoping that on the morning people with cars will park on the right hand side going up Candlemaker row from the Grassmarket from 8:30 in the morning. They will then be able to drop stuff off inside the gate rather than driving in. There should be enough people there to look after your stuff while you park the car at Quarter mile which is a 5 minute walk away. You will be allowed into the church to drop of large items if you need to but we will only allow a few at a time. Map of Area QuarterMile Car Park on Simpson Loan

4. Are hot items allowed to be served in the church : The public liability of the church only allows hot food and drinks to be served from the Kitchen/cafe area. We will have a small area for teas and coffees for stall holders only , see the location on the church layout.

Table Allocation

Tables will generally be allocated in a alphabetical/table number order. The tables round the outside will have access to electricity. The Electricity sockets are marked in red on the plan. If you need one of the outside tables with electricity please let me know, first come first served. Please see present Table number Allocation If you need electricity please bring extension cables. Greyfriars-layout-6.png


In this section I will list the all the advertising that we are doing.

1. Banner next to Greyfriars Bobby for two days

2. Posters on the gates of the church on the day

3. Posters in local shop windows 1 week before

4. The List

5. Whats on Scotland

6. Gumtree

7. Techcalendar


9. Third Force News

10. Radio Forth Events

11. Edinburgh University Careers Advice

12. University of the Third Age

13. Ragged University

14. Big Issue

15. Skiddle

16. Edinburgh Council Events

The usual number of people visiting Greyfriars Kirk each day is about 200 other fairs have had over 1000 visitors, we hope that with local advertising from us and connecting through your 35 different networks we should have a very successful day. We will be advertising the event in Forth Radio, Third Force News, The List, Techcalendar, the library and Church Network. We also are connecting with Edinburgh University Global Development Academy and NIDOS. With the combined reach of each groups Facebook pages, Twitter etc


We have made a Poster for the event that we will be using as flyers or putting in the local shops and libraries. This is the first draft


Making your map

For stall holders, we are offering to make you a small map. If you can find your village on google maps please find the map coordinates and send them to us.

For most people the easiest way to find Latitude and longitude is

  • On your computer, visit Google Maps.
  • Right-click a location on the map.
  • Select "What's here?"
  • Coordinates will appear either in or below the search box.


Simonga Zambia -17.806761, 25.716939

Please send me those details

Map it yourself

You may feel like having a go yourself. It is not too complicated, doesn't take too long to learn and can be done in any web browser. A nice easy way to start is by watching some short videos here Mapgive Why Map? then Learn to Map. You may prefer our dedicated written site LearnOSM (Available in multiple languages including Kiswahili)