Stony Plain

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Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

latitude: 53.5289862, longitude: -114.0048731
Browse map of Stony Plain 53°31′44.35″ N, 114°00′17.54″ W
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Stony Plain is a town in Alberta, Canada at latitude 53°31′44.35″ North, longitude 114°00′17.54″ West.

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This page contains information related to mapping activity specific to the town of Stony Plain, in Alberta, Canada.

Current progress

Thanks to User:Rustywagon, most of the town has been mapped in detail, including all major roads, commercial areas, and neighbourhoods. Buildings and land use is continually being mapped, while downtown points of interests are almost complete. Most POIs at Stony Plain Business Park are already mapped.



  • Motorway and trunk - Highway 16/Yellowhead Highway (though outside town limits)
  • Primary - Highway 16A (Parkland Highway)
  • Secondary - Highways 628 and 779
  • Tertiary - City-maintained arterial roads and major collector roads. Speed limits typically at 50 km/h.
  • Unclassified -
    • Rural - Minor rural roads
    • Urban - Named access roads in commercial and industrial areas, minor collector roads (usually designated snow routes of subdivisions), roads in Old Town except most of of 50th Street, and parts of 52nd and 55th Avenues.
  • Residential - roads typically used for local access in subdivisions.
  • Service - back alleys, roads in parking areas (especially in retail centres, big box stores, and apartment complexes).