Strategic working group/New Routing services Guidelines Proposal

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The following page outlines a policy for the process of adding of a new routing service for the website. This content will be presented to the board once contributions from the SWG have been finallised. It is anticipated that this proposal be put to the community for comments before a final decision is made.

We, the Strategic Working Group have put together this proposal for a policy regarding the adding of new routing service to the website.

Acceptance of new service for the main page is not automatic and must be assessed on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria as a guide.

The Strategic Working Group is not the body carrying out the individual assessment.

  • Acceptance, if any, must be based on the following hard criteria.
    • Internally supported
       The service provider / author must be in favor of having their service on
    • Global scope and coverage
       Proposed service must cover the globe.
    • Capable of meeting traffic demands
       Proposed routing service must be capable of accepting traffic volume from OSM.
    • Reliable service
       Proposed routing service must be reliable.
       Reliable in terms of uptime and availability.
    • Up to date data
       Services maintaining at least daily updates preferred, but periods up to two weeks may be acceptable.
  • Acceptance, if any, should be based on the following soft / arbitrary criteria.
    • Speed
       The proposed service should offer send a response within some reasonable speed - not more than 10 seconds for average route.
    • Features
       This hugely arbitrary criteria includes additional routing features - weight for roads, truck routing, blind people and wheelchair routing, etc.
    • Non-commercial
       Non-commercial services would be preferred.
    • Free and Open
       Free and Open style and stacks preferred.

Additional notes:

  • Requests for new service should go to the Technical Working Group who will use these guidelines and technical merit & implement the change if accepted.
  • There is no current limit on the number of services (until this becomes a significant issue).
  • Services are not guaranteed a permanent place on the map, they may be removed at any time.
  • If a large number of new service requests is being made, the strategy will have to be re-evaluated at that time.