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Suffolk, East of England

latitude: 52.16359, longitude: 1.09812
Browse map of Suffolk 52°09′48.92″ N, 1°05′53.23″ E
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Suffolk is a county in East of England at latitude 52°09′48.92″ North, longitude 1°05′53.23″ East.

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Suffolk relation 28595 is a ceremonial county and non-metropolitan county in the East of England region bordering Essex, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

Districts in Suffolk

The non-metropolitain county of Suffolk is divided into seven districts. For information about specific settlements within Suffolk please refer to the appropriate District page.

Number complete
Area Cities Towns Villages Notes Boundary Relation
Babergh relation 53322
Forest Heath relation 53356
Ipswich relation 53324
Mid Suffolk relation 53332
St Edmundsbury relation 53337
Suffolk Coastal relation 53375
Waveney relation 53368

Progress to date


All trunk and Primary roads should be on the map however it is always worth checking for the detail of junctions and the north of the county is likely to have more issues than the south. Most secondary roads should also be on the map although some may have been entered from old NPE mapping.

Most other rural roads are also on the map but many have been added from NPE mapping and could do with a visit. These ones are marked 'highway=road' and should be changed to 'highway=unclassified' or 'highway=tertiary' or whatever is appropriate. Connections between NPE sourced roads and recent new roads will probably be missing awaiting a survey. Refer to the appropriate district for more information.


Active railway lines and stations should all be on the map for the county. It will be useful to have the number of 'tracks' filled, ie single track, dual track or more. Use the lanes=1, lanes=2, lanes=4 etc for this; see Map_Features#Properties for details.

Rivers and other water features

Most rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs should have already been added from old NPE mapping. Lock gates,weirs and other details are still missing in most places. See Map_Features#Waterway and Map_Features#Natural for tagging information.

Administrative boundaries

The boundary for Suffolk is complete, however the district boundaries have not yet been started to my knowledge.