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Cambridgeshire, East of England, England

latitude: 52.16495246227759, longitude: 0.09886949550951424
Browse map of Cambridgeshire 52°09′53.83″ N, 0°05′55.93″ E
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Cambridgeshire is a county in East of England, England at latitude 52°09′53.83″ North, longitude 0°05′55.93″ East.

Cambridgeshire relicensing problems

The ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire relation 87521, in the East of England region, is made up of the non-metropolitan county of Cambridgeshire relation 180837 together with the unitary authority of Peterborough. The ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire borders with Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Suffolk.


We are trying to complete Cambridgeshire by mid 2010. Progress is excellent so far, with some of the major gaps in the NE (Wisbech and environs), Chatteris and Manea having been filled recently. The largest outstanding settlement at March 2010 is Whittlesea (16,000) which will hopefully be done systematically in April, followed by Ramsey (8,000). The remainder are all small viullages, mostly in the NW of the county near Peterborough (which isn't part of Cambridgeshire BTW).

Status as at March 2010. (Note: Alconbury and Little Paxton might look as if they are done, but there are definitely significant parts missing, so they don't appear to have been done systematically.


Districts in Cambridgeshire

The non-metropolitain county of Cambridgeshire is divided into five districts:

Number complete
Area Cities Towns Villages Notes Boundary Relation
Cambridge [1] relation 295355
East Cambridgeshire [2] relation 295352
Fenland [3] relation 295349
Huntingdonshire [4] relation 295351
South Cambridgeshire [5] relation 295353

Settlements in Cambridgeshire

This is a list of the settlements in the ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire with a population over 5,000.

Taken from the wikipedia article: Cambridgeshire - Settlements