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Fenland, Cambridgeshire

latitude: 52.6, longitude: 0.1
Browse map of Fenland 52°36′00.00″ N, 0°06′00.00″ E
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Fenland is a district in Cambridgeshire at latitude 52°36′00.00″ North, longitude 0°06′00.00″ East.

Fenland is the most rural of the five districts of Cambridgeshire with an administrative centre in March. It also includes the towns of Wisbech, Chatteris, Whittlesey and has a 2004 population of over 86,000

At October 2009, this is the least well mapped part of Cambridgeshire with only March having substantial presence.

But by June 2010 we've worked hard on this to complete pretty much all of it.

See also neighbours:

Progress - Wisbech

At over 20,000 people, this is the largest town in Fenland. The neighbouring communities of Leverington, Elm, Emneth (Norfolk) and Wisbech St Mary bring the total for this conurbation to nearly 30,000.

A mapping party on 14/15 November 2009 completed most of Wisbech town and most of Leverington, though a bit of the data is still being added as at November 24. Some technical problems meant some of the centre was not completed, and a further visit the following week was rained off, so unfortunately we still have a little to do.

... but now complete as of March 2010 including all the surrounding villages.

Progress - March

Appears complete (almost all by Laverock in mid 2008). Pop. 20,000

Progress - Whittlesey

Almost nothing of this 16,000 strong community mapped at Oct 2009.

Proposed mapping party for April 2010. Anyone interested please contact me at https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/davidearl

Following the mapping "party" (two people) in April and a subsequent one-man visit in May, the town of Whittlesey is complete, although some of the outlying villages still need surveying.

Coates and Eastrea surveyed Oct 2011 Richardm565

Progress - Chatteris

Almost nothing of this 9,000 strong community mapped at Oct 2009.

I started mapping Chatteris in January 2010 and intend to complete it over the next few months. --TomS 10:53, 10 February 2010 (UTC)

Progress - Fenland district

Fenland has quite a small number of parishes, but they are rather large in area and account for only about 20,000 of the population outside the four main towns.

Benwick 930 completed, Richardm565, May 2010
Chatteris 9,190 see above
Christchurch 730 Completed, Richardm565, June 2010
Doddington 2,130 village centre complete Jan 2010; some work needed on rural roads
Elm 3,550 complete, David.earl, Dec 2009
Gorefield 1,090 complete, David.earl, Feb 2010
Leverington 3,160 complete, Dec 2009
Manea 1,800 complete (TomS), March 2010
March 19,790 complete mid 2008, see above
Newton 650 completed, David.earl, Mar 2010
Parson Drove 1,190 completed, David.earl, Mar 2010
Tydd St Giles 1,120 completed, David.earl, Mar 2010
Whittlesey 15,750 completed, Cmd1001, May 2010
Wimblington 2,000 village centre complete Jan 2010; some work needed on rural roads
Wisbech 20,340 complete, David.earl, Feb 2010
Wisbech St Mary (includes Guyhirn) 3,130 complete, David.earl, Mar 2010

Note that Walsoken is a suburb of Wisbech but lies in Norfolk, and is complete as of Nov 2009.

Also, Emneth is a necklace village of Wisbech (to the SE), also in Norfolk and also completed Nov 2009.

Parish and Town Councils in Fenland

Fenland District boundary: relation 295349

Area Boundary Relation
Benwick Parish relation 1609075
Chatteris Town relation 1608975
Christchurch Parish relation 1608817
Doddington Parish relation 1609011
Elm Parish relation 1608839
Gorefield Parish relation 1608896
Leverington Parish relation 1608933
Manea Parish relation 1608957
March Town relation 1608780
Newton Parish relation 1608943
Parson Drove Parish relation 1608885
Tydd St Giles Parish relation 1608954
Whittlesey Town relation 1609095
Wimblington Parish relation 1609067
Wisbech Town relation 1608858
Wisbech St Mary Parish relation 1608877