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Hi, I'm Tom Sutch. I'm based in Ely (UK), but grew up in West Kent. I have a Mio A700 PDA, and have set it up with the OSMTracker application.

Mapping interests


  • Local mapping in Cambridgeshire -- now I've moved to Ely I am planning on cycle trips to Fenland to work on some of the blank space in OSM, eg Chatteris, Manea etc
  • West/Mid Kent, where I grew up -- participated in Maidstone and Medway mapping parties and will attend [[2nd Maidstone Mapping Party] at the end of March
  • Anything else that grabs my interest -- participated in MK Mapping Party

Further afield

  • A bit of mapping in SW France (Lot et Garonne) following holiday visits and using the cadastre to add detail

Other interests

I am an active member of SABRE (Society for All British Roads Enthusiasts). We are using OSM data & Mapnik to produce route maps of given road numbers for our wiki, which has the advantage that road numbering typos are evident and I have found and corrected a few in OSM by this method.

OSM profile