East Cambridgeshire

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East Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire

latitude: 52.306, longitude: 0.276
Browse map of East Cambridgeshire 52°18′21.60″ N, 0°16′33.60″ E
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East Cambridgeshire is a district in Cambridgeshire at latitude 52°18′21.60″ North, longitude 0°16′33.60″ East.

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Ely is only a small City (population approx 15,000). Completely mapped, April 2008.

Ely is the administrative centre of East Cambridgeshire, which includes the town of Soham and the large village of Littleport.

Aldreth Completed May 2008 Malcolm Boura 12:23, 11 May 2008 (UTC)
Ashley completed May 2008
Bottisham Completed Feb 2007
Brinkley completed May 2008
Burrough Green completed May 2008
Burwell incomplete: see talk page
Chettisham TBD
Cheveley completed May 2008
Chippenham TBD
Coveney Completed June 2008
Ditton Green completed May 2008
Dullingham completed May 2008
Fordham TBD
Haddenham Completed June 2008
Isleham TBD
Kennett Roads & POI's surveyed Richardm565, Oct 2010
Kirtling completed May 2008
Little Downham TBD
Little Thetford completed May 2008
Littleport completed April 2008
Lode completed Feb 2007
Long Meadow completed Feb 2007
Mepal TBD
Prickwillow Substantially complete Oct 09 Richardm565
Pymoor completed, TomSutch and Richardm565, June 2010
Queen Adelaide completed Jun 2007
Reach completed Feb 2007
Saxon Street completed May 2008
Snailwell TBD
Soham in progress, Feb 2008
Stetchworth completed May 2008
Stretham completed Apr 2008
Stuntney TBD
Sutton Completed Mar 2009
Swaffham Bulbeck completed Feb 2007
Swaffham Prior completed Feb 2007
Upend completed May 2008
Upware completed May 2008
Wardy Hill Completed June 2008
Wentworth Completed June 2008
Westley Waterless completed May 2008
Wicken completed Feb 2007
Wilburton Completed June 2008
Witcham Completed June 2008
Witchford In progress, Feb 2009
Woodditton completed May 2008

Parish, Town and City Councils in East Cambridgeshire

East Cambridgeshire District boundary: relation 295352

Area Boundary Relation
Ashley Parish relation 1610116
Bottisham Parish relation 1610007
Brinkley Parish relation 1610054
Burrough Green Parish relation 1610058
Burwell Parish relation 1609775
Cheveley Parish relation 1610114
Chippenham Parish relation 1609573
Coveney Parish relation 1610591
Downham Parish relation 1609349
Dullingham Parish relation 1610067
City of Ely relation 1609357
Fordham Parish relation 1610551
Haddenham Parish relation 1610597
Isleham Parish relation 1609560
Kennett Parish relation 1609601
Kirtling Parish relation 1610803
Littleport Parish relation 1609351
Lode Parish relation 1610646
Mepal Parish relation 1630161
Reach Parish relation 1609729
Snailwell Parish relation 1609621
Soham Town relation 1609364
Stetchworth Parish relation 1610072
Stretham Parish relation 1610569
Sutton Parish relation 1630173
Swaffham Bulbeck Parish relation 1610000
Swaffham Prior Parish relation 1609932
Thetford Parish relation 1610580
Wentworth Parish relation 1610586
Westley Waterless Parish relation 1610065
Wicken Parish relation 1610553
Wilburton Parish relation 1610574
Witcham Parish relation 1610592
Witchford Parish relation 1610582
Woodditton Parish relation 1610074