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Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East of England, United Kingdom

latitude: 52.1977, longitude: 0.1507
Browse map of Cambridge 52°11′51.72″ N, 0°09′02.52″ E
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Cambridge is a city in Cambridgeshire, East of England, United Kingdom at latitude 52°11′51.72″ North, longitude 0°09′02.52″ East.


Local user group
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Where: Check this page for meeting announcements and location (map)
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Future events


Other events?

There's some activity on (check the discussions too)

Past events

Cambridge has been having OSM events more or less actively over the years. has listings from 2015. This wiki page has not been used for listing events since Cambridge/Autumn 2014 events.

Neighbouring Locations

Cambridge University

Project Drake in 2011-12 mapped the University estate in considerable detail. To aid consistency, a University of Cambridge Tagging Schema was published.

The data continues to be maintained and used to generate the University's official map.

Progress - Cambridge City

Cambridge City is now mapped in its entirety to the level of all streets, names and cycleways, most areas of landuse, but not all footpaths. E&OE, of course. A large development at Orchard Park in the northern fringe is nearing completion and will require mapping. Land between Histon Road and Huntingdon Road is scheduled for development in the next couple of years.

Cherry Hinton completed Oct 2006
Fen Ditton completed Oct 2006
Barnwell and Fen Estate completed Oct 2006
Riverside area completed Oct 2006
Romsey, north (of Mill Road) completed Oct 2006
Romsey, south completed Jan 2007
Petersfield, north completed Nov 2006
Petersfield, south completed Jan 2007
Historic city centre completed Nov 2006
Kite (Graton Centre area) completed Nov 2006
Chesterton village completed Nov 2006
De Freville Road area completed Nov 2006
Castle (Huntingdon Road - Histon Road) completed Dec 2006
Castle (south of Victoria Road) completed Nov 2006
Arbury/Kings Hedges (east of Arbury Road) completed Dec 2006
Arbury (south-west of Arbury Road) completed Dec 2006
Science Park completed Nov 2006
Queen Ediths completed Jan 2007
Trumpington completed Dec 2006
Shelford Road corridor completed Dec 2006
Trumpington Road corridor (Newtown) completed Dec 2006
Newnham (south of Barton Road) completed Nov 2006
Grange Road and West Cambridge completed Jan 2007
Madingley Road / Huntingdon Road triangle completed Jan 2007

Ongoing Projects

Although Cambridge has excellent mapping coverage, there are a number of areas where the detail can be enhanced further. Some users are already working on these. Potential projects include:

  • Bus stop locations
  • Features within college and University grounds
  • Footways and bridleways within and around Cambridge
  • Shop locations
  • House addresses - completed December 2012
  • Bus routes in Cambridgeshire

Boundary Relations in Cambridge

Cambridgeshire City boundary: relation 295355. Main residential areas: relation 1859576.

Electoral Wards (boundaries last changed in 2004):

Ward Boundary Relation Buildings & Addresses
Abbey relation 1736010 100% - Jul 2012
Arbury relation 1736011 100% - Aug 2012
Castle relation 1736012 100% - Nov 2012 *
Cherry Hinton relation 1736013 100% - Dec 2012
Coleridge relation 1736014 100% - Jul 2012
East Chesterton relation 1736015 100% - Nov 2011
Kings Hedges relation 1736016 100% - Apr 2012
Market relation 1736017 100% - Nov 2012 *
Newnham relation 1736018 100% - Nov 2012 *
Petersfield relation 1736019 100% - Oct 2011
Queen Ediths relation 1736020 100% - Nov 2012
Romsey relation 1736021 100% - Oct 2011
Trumpington relation 1736022 100% - Nov 2012
West Chesterton relation 1736023 100% - Nov 2012