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I grew up in Burwell, did paper rounds all over the village for 6 years so can spot a few missing streets pretty quickly. Here's a list of what I can see is missing and where they should be.

  • Side roads of North Street:
    • Myrtle Drive + complex Missing (Just above Co-Op. Not on Google Maps either despite being built about 4 years ago)
    • Hatley Drive/Kingfisher Drive complex Missing (Between Myrtle Drive and New Road, which is there)
    • Chestnut Rise/Appletree Grove Missing (right next to the Silver Street junction)
  • Side roads of Reach Road (heading away from B1102 Swaffham Road)
    • Tan House Lane present, and seemingly the only one correct
    • Station Gate - Inaccurate
    • Scotred Close Missing
    • Railway Close Missing
  • Side roads of Isaacson Road (between B1102 High Street and B1103 Newmarket Road)
    • Copperfield Way missing (closest one to Newmarket Road)
  • Side roads of Newmarket Road:
    • Doctors Surgery Missing
    • Summerfield Close Missing
    • St Marys View Missing
    • Barkways inaccurate?
  • Side streets of Ness Road
    • Bewicks Mead missing
    • Felsham Chase:
      • Holkham Mead inaccurate? (check the end)
        • Melford Close missing
      • Bayfield Drive missing
      • Burghley Rise missing
      • Kentwell Place missing
    • Old School Close missing
    • Baker Drive missing
    • Layby just south of Toyse Lane missing.
  • Side streets of Toyse Lane
    • Toyse Close missing (easy to miss on the ground; it's little more than a dirt driveway)
    • Montford Close missing
  • Side streets of Hythe Lane
    • Murton Close missing
    • Hythe Close missing

There might be others but those are the ones I can spot off hand. If any new ones have been built in the last 2 or 3 years, I won't know of them so they'll need to be checked too. I've made a few minor tweaks (added the roundabout at the entrance to Felsham Chase, fixed Mason Road, cosmetic tweaks to other roads) but there are no GPS traces and seem to be no satellite backgrounds for me to map over for the above. I've never edited before today, so it might just be my inexperience, I don't know. I can't fix these myself at the moment though. - Burwellian 11:02, 13 October 2008 (UTC)

Just spotted another one... Guyatt Close is missing from the side of The Causeway. - Burwellian 11:12, 13 October 2008 (UTC)