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Swansea, Wales

latitude: 51.62, longitude: -3.93
Browse map of Swansea 51°37′12.00″ N, 3°55′48.00″ W
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Swansea is a city in Wales at latitude 51°37′12.00″ North, longitude 3°55′48.00″ West.

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Swansea is a city and principal area in southern Wales.


The map is very good from Southgate in the west to Mumbles and West Cross in the east, all south of the line of the B4436. The map is also very good to the south side of the A4118 Gower Road between Upper Killay and the city centre. Coverage is fair for about 1km north of the A4118 between Sketty and the city centre. East of the city centre the map is fairly good across St. Thomas and Port Tennant. Coverage gets increasingly sparse north of the A4118 west of the Tawe and north of St. Thomas east of the river.

%age roads complete
Area Bounds Mapped Labelled Mappers Notes
Hafod Either side of the B4603 from New Cut Road to the A4067 roundabout 95% 95% User:Steve Hosgood
  • A bit left to do along Cwm Road, but otherwise, pretty well complete.
  • There's a Metro Bus link being built along the edge of the railway which will have to wait until it can be explored.
Mayhill East of Mount Pleasant/Terrace Road/Penygraig Road/Gwent Road, South of Gors Avenue, West of Carmarthen Road, North of the A4118. 95% 60% User:Steve Hosgood
  • There's a lot of missing roadsigns in the area - can't put a name to some streets.
  • Still some little footpaths to do and some of the ones that are there are only logically correct.
  • A lane behind the Police Station on Alexandra Road is missing.
  • Wanted: mapper who knows the area!
Mount Pleasant West of Mount Pleasant, South of Terrace Road/Penygraig Road, East of Uplands, North of the A4118. 95% 95% User:Steve Hosgood
  • A couple of lanes to finish north of Fynnone Road.
Parc Gwernfadog / Ynystawe Everything which is reachable by road without crossing the motorway, river or canal and without going up Rhydypandy Road, except for the Morriston Hospital campus. 100% 100% User:Steve Hill
  • Still lots of little footpaths to do.
Morriston Hospital The Morriston Hospital campus 10% 0%
  • Very little mapped - it's a bit of a mess of roads, footways, carparks, etc. in there.
Townhill West of Penygraig Road/Gwent Road, South of Gors Avenue, East of Cockett Road, North of Pant-y-Celyn Road. 10% 10% User:Steve Hosgood User:rollercow
  • Only the major roads have been done.
  • Wanted: several mappers who know the area!
Tŷcoch South of Cwmbach Road (B4295), West of Cockett Road and Vivian Road, North of Gower Road, East of the student village and East of the Waunarlwydd Road/Cwmbach Road junction. 80% 75% User:Steve Hill
  • Stuff North of Waunarlwydd Road needs mapping
  • The nature reserve off Waunarlwydd Road needs mapping
  • Some roads on the West side of the Llwynmawr estate need mapping
  • Roads between Tŷcoch Square and Vivian Road / Gower Road need verifying


See also Swansea/Buses. Chriscf 15:39, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Official Links

Swansea City and County Council Website