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Bus routes in Swansea, the United Kingdom
Status started

Bus services in Swansea.

Why Swansea?

  1. It is a small city
  2. It has a good mixture of urban, rural and long-distance routes
  3. It has a good mixture of frequencies, from 6/hour primary services to 1/2hours to outlying areas
  4. The network is mostly radial, with routes that converge
  5. User:Chriscf lives there

Points 1 and 2 mean that any result should be scalable. Points 3 and 4 make it a suitable testbed for routing. Point 5 is a matter of convenience for the person that started it. :-)


Route 36 was initially noted, as it was known, and ways representing the entire route were known to be mapped. Its relation is tagged type=route, route=bus, ref=36.

Major routes

4 Morriston Hospital; 4A Parc Gwernfadog

A major radial, complicated by the evening/Sunday 4 operating to the Hospital through Gwernfadog. From 4, Heol y Deri and Llanllienwen Close are missing; all ways for 4A present.

12/13 Townhill

Operate either direction of a circle through Townhill. At first glance, appears to be complete, but will need to verify.

17 Gowerton

Some services continue to Gorseinon. Services 400 and 404 operate the same route, with slightly different paths through Waunarlwydd, and some back streets for both 17 and 400/404 are missing there. I'm unsure of the loop the 17 takes in Gowerton these days, but I'm sure there's something missing.

25 Blaen-y-Maes

All ways as far as Caereithin, very little in Blaen-y-Maes and Portmead themselves.

33 Birchgrove

Much of this would appear to be missing.

36 Morriston Cross

All ways present and tagged. relation 28698

Other routes

A good selection of routes to Mumbles, along Gower, and through the Uplands would be useful. On the East Side, there is only 6 (Port Tennant) and 44 (Grenfell Park).