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Muzzle loading cannons at the Swedish Naval Museum (6648150909).jpg
A historic/retired cannon. Usually found on forts or battlefields. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: historic
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A historic/retired  cannon which has become a tourist attraction or a museum exhibit and generally remains in one place (usually on forts or battlefields).

How to map

Place a node node where the cannon is located and tag it with historic=cannon.


  • Occasionally, decommissioned cannons and other military vehicles are used to commemorate people or events, which can be indicated by a name or an inscription somewhere on the installation. In this case, historic=memorial can be used. Do not tag cannons that commemorate nothing as memorials.

Additional tags

  • name=* - name of the cannon if there is an actual name or distinguishing number marked on it NB this is not the model or type of cannon
  • cannon:type=* - type of cannon e.g. muzzle-loading, anti-aircraft, field, anti-tank etc
  • ref=* - if there is a reference number (e.g. serial number) on the cannon as well as a name
  • description=* - cannon's description
  • direction=* - the direction in which the cannon is pointed
  • start_date=* - production date
  • manufacturer=* - the builder of the cannon, if known. manufacturer:wikidata=* and manufacturer:wikipedia=* can also be added.
  • model=* - for the model (type) of cannon. model:wikidata=* and model:wikipedia=* can be added as well.
  • wikipedia=* - the Wikipedia page of that specific cannon, not just that model in general.
  • wikidata=* - the Wikidata page of that specific cannon, not just that model in general.
  • wikimedia_commons=* - link to a file photo of this exact vehicle.

Possible Rendering

Historic cannon.png suggested by User:Chrisana13