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T-34 am Sowjetischen Ehrenmal im Tiergarten.jpg
A decommissioned tank which generally remains in one place Edit or translate this description.
Group: Historic
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A tag for a decommissioned  tank which has become a tourist attraction and generally remains in one place. A tank is an armoured motor vehicle designed for front-line combat. Manoeuvrability is provided by tracks rather than rubber tyres. The main gun is mounted in a rotating turret.

How to Map

Place a node node at the location of the tank or draw an area area for the outline and use historic=tank. You can also name it with name=*. If the tank is a tourist attraction, then add tourism=attraction.

For a covered tank use covered=* or on a separate area building=roof.


  • Occasionally, decommissioned tanks and other military vehicles are used to commemorate people or events, which can be indicated by a name or an inscription somewhere on the installation. In this case, historic=memorial can be used. Do not tag tanks that commemorate nothing as memorials.
  • For historic vehicles which are not tanks see historic=vehicle

Additional tags

  • name=* - the name of this tank
  • addr=* - the address of this tank
  • operator=* - indicates the operator or name of the company operating this tank
  • description=* - description for more informations
  • start_date=* - for the launch date of the tank
  • wikipedia=* - museum tanks may have a Wikipedia page which can be tagged here
  • tourism=attraction - to mark it as a tourist attraction
  • heritage=* - if registered by an official heritage organisation

If the tank has some kind of tourism=* like a hotel or a museum, it can be tagged as a separate node with own name and further information.